A new old practice of distributing holy communion

Any chance that parishes might start using or reusing a fistula for the distribution of the precious blood during communion?

I would say that there’s about a 0% chance of that occurring.

What a fistula?! I just googled the word and it seemed to be connected with, uh, dialysis? I know I’m missing something…

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True, it is a means for treatment of hemodialysis for patents but it was also used to distribute the precious blood during communion. It is basically a silver or gold straw held at one end where the communion wine would be dropped into the communicants mouth without their lips coming into contact with the cup. The one receiving communion would tilt their head back and open their mouth, without sticking their tongue out and the priest then dropped in a small amount of precious blood. Similar to how communion is distributed in eastern rite churchs. Some places still follow this practice though they are few. I just thought that this might be an option for those who want to continue to receive the blessed sacrament this way. Especially during this time of pandemic.

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Tube is a synonym for fistula.

The Diocesan Bishop may establish norms for Communion under both kinds for his own diocese.

GIRM states for Mass with concelebrants:

245. The Blood of the Lord may be consumed either by drinking from the chalice directly, or by intinction, or by means of a tube or a spoon.

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