A New Ranking of Nations Where Christians Are Persecuted Most | National Review


…seems that America can offer the last ditch effort to put an end to widespread persecution.

Do you have a link to the list of nations ranked by persecution of Christians?

Does this help?

Yes, it does. Not sure i agree with the rankings.

In my opinion, this priest made no mistake. He is human and recognizes the deep conflict of interest and threat.
Yes, this recent news belongs on this thread.

I linked Father’s homily up thread. It must be listened to from beginning to end for full context. A single sentence out of context can be distorted.
News with homily link here. http://www.citypages.com/news/catholic-priest-dont-let-large-numbers-of-muslims-into-america/567363921

We’re rearranging the deck chairs and fighting over liturgical rubrics (thanks Vatican II) while Muslims are quietly moving in…

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Why does every thread about Christian persecution have to degenerate into a thread calling for the persecution of other religions?


Did Vatican II tell you to fight about the rubrics?


Definitely. Islam is increasing dramatically. There are now several different mosques in this area. I see many Muslim women dressed so modestly at the supermarket and at the local university and colleges. OTOH, a few Catholic Churches have been shut down.

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It appears that the majority of Americans are rising to the occasion to fight those that seek to oppose and oppress Christianity and all the diversity including the atheist. This dirty laundry of 50 is exposed and will not be concealed. There are a couple of common denominators year after year. All this has transpired and surfaced without Vatican…ll. You know what I mean?

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