A New Viral Fundraiser: The ‘Abortion Rights’ Tacos and Beer Challenge


From Time Magazine:

What started as a Twitter joke has turned into another social media funding movement

While it’s unclear what dumping a bucket of ice over your head has to do with ALS research, there is no question that the Ice Bucket Challenge — inspiring $53 million in donations and some 2.4 million videos posted on Facebook — has been incredibly effective and might even change the future of charitable fundraising.

And so, political reporter Andrea Grimes decided to apply this nonlinear, activity-based fundraising ideology to another cause. The directive is simple: Eat a taco or drink a beer, and then donate to any abortion rights fund — from Planned Parenthood to another local or national organization.

Eat a taco, kill a baby.

Makes me want to swear off Mexican food.


Does that mean that if someone takes both at the same time, and chooses to donate to an abortion group, that I get to dump a bucket of ice water over their head while they’re eating their tacos and beer? Because I could do that.


Why? I live in Texas where tacos are very popular. And I eat them all the time without giving a red cent to promote abortion.


Viral fundraiser ?
Mmmmm viral infection sounds.more.accurate…
Wish they could literally eat.their.words.


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