A New Years Message to all


Well all i would like to wish each and every one of you a wonderful and blessed New Year. Now at midnight while everyone is wishing thier loved ones a happy new year, I will get my special call also. Thought i would share it with you, My Mom will call and say Happy New Year, Then my Dad will get on the phone and will say DONT FORGET TOMMOROW IS A HOLY DAY. And i will say yeah i know Dad ill be there. So now when my kids call guess what im going to tell them. DONT FORGET? Hey gotta keep the cycle rolling right. Have a great and safe Holiday. Lets all take and moment and say and Prayer for everyone. God BLess


Thank you rinnie–I wish you and your family a blessed, safe, and holy new year! We are going to mass tonight, (vigil for tomorrow) and will be thinking of you and everyone here. Keep that tradition going, rinnie!

Here’s to a blessed and God centered 2008, everyone!!


We just set off a bunch of “baby” fireworks leftover form the Fourth of July.

Happy and Blessed New Year.


Happy new year. Be merry and bright and all. :wink:


Happy New Year! Am I the only sad sack here at midnight? Husband and baby are in the hospital, the baby’s sick. I get days and he gets nights.


I am here too. :smiley:



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