a newborn baby

I’m confused. Does the view of transubstantiation imply that if a mother gives birth, conceives, or carries a child receiving communion everyday, including on the day she delivers the baby mean that the baby is born in a state of Grace. Or is that the norm anyhow?

The baby is still born with original sin, because humanity carries that burden without negotiation. However, my understanding is that an unborn child certainly does receive graces through the Eucharist. Whenever I am pregnant, a part of me takes extra joy (who knew that was possible?) when receiving our Lord. It is such an honor to be carrying a life, and such an honor to bring that unborn life before our Lord and to receive Him into my body as well. My baby Cora Lou would always leap for joy in my tummy as I approached the Eucharist. What a blessing. :slight_smile:

No, because the bread and wine only remain the body, blood, soul, and divinity while the “accidents” (physical attributes of the bread and wine) remain. By the time nutrients pass to the baby via the umbilical cord, the accidents of the bread and wine, no longer exist. (indeed, probably within 15 minutes of consuming the host the accidents would become unrecognizable and thus no longer be the Eucharist.

Hi Michael,

Sanctifying grace is given to us through baptism. Only Mary, the mother of Jesus was conceived without original sin.

What you bring up is something I never heard. Did you read that somewhere?


no it was a thought. it seemed logical on one level. anyway, thanks to all for the answers.

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