A note of clarification

Nobody’s in trouble, :smiley: I just want to clear up anyone who might have misconceptions about the purpose of this sub forum.
The purpose of Non-Catholic Religions is to provide a place for Catholics and non-Catholics to discuss, debate, share, find common ground or at least understand the other a little better than before. This is provided by threads that include questions or news stories of interest to both Catholics and non-Catholics.
It is NOT a place to bash, make light of, or show distain for the religions or communions they hold dear. It is certainly not a place to pigeon-hole posters of a particular religion simply because of what is in their religion moniker.
So, let’s continue to show CAF that, at least on this sub-forum, people communicate like adults.

Well said, Eric. Thank you. I recently finished a book sent to me by a good friend, and as I usually do, I looked for a special message from God within it, believing that the friend had been possibly inspired to send it to me. How true indeed, for this message was the most powerful grace I’ve received in a long time. Here’s the significant paragraph, attributed to St. Patrick.

Never tell the heathens they are wrong. Recognize the validity of their dissent. Their truth is as real to them as yours to you, and you will neither shame nor beat it out of them.

Often, what is in the heart is revealed.

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