A Novena For Discernment


Hello all, could anyone please give me some suggestions of a novena to pray? I am trying to discern a seminary school where I would bear the most fruit and flourish at.


The Novena to the Holy Spirit:





Prayer for Vocations

Lord Jesus, let your call be heard
by the fervent and generous hearts
of young people, and make them
your followers and ministers.
Provident and loving Jesus,
grant to those whom you call
the necessary means to succeed
and the grace to persevere.
May they meet the demands of their call
and become salt of the earth
and light of the world,
holy ministers and dispensers
of the mysteries of God.
We ask you for vocations
for the whole Church,
vocations according to your heart,
numerous enough
to meet the pressing needs
of your Church and the world.
Send true shepherds of souls
filled with the Holy Spirit.
May their hearts be detached
from all worldly entanglements.
Make your priests holy, Lord,
splendid and exceptional witnesses
to the world
that the humankind cannot be transformed
without the spirit of the Beatitudes.

Prayer to Mary for Vocations

O VIrgin Mary,
Mother of Jesus,
and Mother of the Church,
to you we commend
our young people,
in particular those
called to closely follow
your Son.
You know the difficulties,
the struggles,
the obstacles they must face.
Assist them to answer "yes"
to the divine call, as you did
at the invitation of the angel.
Draw them near to your heart
so that they can understand
the beauty and the joy that
awaits them when the Lord Jesus
calls them into His intimacy,
to be witnesses of His love
in the world. Amen.


We’ve used this novena before (Novena to the Holy Spirit for Vocations to Priesthood and Religious Life).

The pages are a bit out of order because it’s meant to be printed/folded in a booklet (follow the page numbers at the bottom of each page).


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