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I am taking a Personal Finance and AP US History class and the teacher is absurdly liberal. I am trying to find a resource that has the Church’s views and explains all the issues stated above so I can, in turn, explain to him. I can find plenty for abortion and gay marriage, but nothing on gun control, minimum wage, education, etc. Thank you!

Start here: usccb.org/issues-and-action/index.cfm

Great question, good answer, many thanks for both. So many people are being deceived by Satan’s “liberal” seduction (with a lot of help from the media and public education unions) that Universal power will miraculously bring well-being for all.
Wouldn’t it be nice if power didn’t corrupt?
But be very careful, most liberal educators will restrict conservatives to C grades or worse. I suggest asking an occasional Socratic question, pray the instructor will seek reason and truth instead of idealism that just what sounds nice, and select only the worst and most influential instructor for courteous, sympathetic confrontation each term. In all other classes, be as dedicated and enthusiastic as you can.

Umm, you have already found it. You posted your question on it. It’s right here.

Feel free to ask anything here, or use the Forum’s search engine to find prior threads about every topic you could imagine.

Haha. True. Thank you!

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