A outreach idea that might work: Opinions?

**I think the scripture about first century Christians “having all things in common” is something to be admired! Should we take this more literally?

On a similar note, I like the idea they use in the schools of filling “weekend backpacks” for children and think it is a very practical idea. (They line up all the children’s backpacks and any child known to be on government assistance will have nutritious snacks placed in their backpacks.)

Could we do something like this in the churches? A way to make it “anonymous” might be to make backpacks filled with nutritious snacks/soups, etc, line them up in the parish kitchen, and label each backpack 'SHARE AND CARE" meaning that the person picking it up might not be picking it up for his or her own family but might very well be taking this to someone home-bound, or a neighbor in need. That way, no one would feel embarrassed to be seen taking one home. :angel1:

Do you think this could work for church parishes? There are many people, young families and the elderly who have trouble paying bills and buying enough groceries, and my heart goes out to them. Since it’s often hard at the end of the month, or at the beginning when bills are paid, perhaps this could be done once a month to see how it works.

It’s not always easy to identify all the people in need, and often people are shy about asking for help. This way, people ministering to the homebound could take a backback along with them, and others who needed it for themselves would not be known to be taking it to feed their own family. :highprayer:


It is a great idea. :thumbsup:

One of the great Saints of the Church said if you wait for a poor person to beg for his food (including having to ask), he’s already paid you for it (and thus it’s no longer charitable giving or alms).

I like the idea… but you’d have to talk to the priest of the parish, and perhaps the council too.

I could see this being expressed in my own parish, but with it low on funds, and already paying most of its laypeople, I don’t think we’d be able to impliment this right now.

But good idea

Yes, absolutely.

I don’t know how the catholics run church, but I imagine you have some time of children’s services/meetings?

We added a meal to ours just to make sure that our underprivilaged children get at least a few well balanced meals a week.

Plus it’s a great opportunity to eat with them as a family might. For some it may be the only time in their lives.

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