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This a continuation of a thread I started a long time ago, where I talked about a protestant Pastors objection to purgatory.While at the time I no longer had his email he sent me, i had to try to remember his objections by memory:shrug: Well I had actually printed a copy of it, and found it recently, but could only find 4 of the 8 pages. I would like to give his objections in his own words and hopefully get some responses to the objections, which will probably be more articulate than mine:)
Objection 1
Matthew12:32- When Jesus says here that sins will not be forgiven in this age or in the age to come, I do not think he is talking about the hereafter when he refers to the age to come. When Jesus was speaking it was the Mosaic age, the new age had not yet come. The Christian age/Church age did not begin until Pentecost in Acts 2. So, I dont see this reference as one which alludes to the possibility of sins being forgiven in the “next life”:confused:


Some Bible translations say," world" to come.


I think the pastor may be correct in what he says below.

I don’t think sins are “forgiven” after we die.

We are “purified” in purgatory on our way to heaven.

If we were still “guilty” of mortal sin, we wouldn’t undergo this process.

Purgatory is where we change out of our old stained and tattered clothes and get properly dressed for the celebration to come.



He seems to think it weakens the sacrifice of Jesus death.


Quite the contrary. Purgatory is the experience of the effects upon the Suffering Soul of Christ’s once for all sacrifice .

I think of Purgatory as being akin to a burn unit in a major hospital. Those with severe burns must undergo frequent debridement or scrubbing of their burns in order to heal. Unfortunately, that scrubbing process is more painful than the initial burn. Protestants will often speak of being washed in the Blood of the Lamb and I wholeheartedly agree. In fact, I say that Purgatory is precisely that. It is having the burns upon our soul scrubbed in the precious blood that Jesus spilt for us on Calvary. In other words, without Calvary, there could be no Purgatory.





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