A patron saint for ssa and living according to God's will

Can anybody tell me whether there is a saint to pray to for intercession in turning someone who has embraced the whole LGTB lifestyle and mentality back to God? If you look this matter up on the wider web, you get the “let’s embrace the lifestyle” mentality, they list saints from centuries past who are now being reinterpreted as transgender or whatever. No kidding, altbough I can’t say I was shocked. But if I want to pray for the intercession of a saint, to help a person live his life in his God-given dignity, is there a saint for that?
Thank you!

Try St. Augustine

Those Saints the LGB community likes to call closet members of their own community, aren’t part of their community. They are Catholic Saints, who may actually have struggled with SSA, or not. But they are worthy intercessors either way. :thumbsup:

St Raphael

Thank you, all! Very helpful!

Anyone who has ssa is called to the same standard as anyone who does not, and is single: they are called to live a chaste life according to their status (single).

And though he wasn’t single, St Joseph is referred to as “the most chaste spouse”.

That, and he is one of my favorites: imagine living with a perfect woman; it is like having a mirror before you every day of your life. I can’t imagine a greater challenge to how one lives.

God Bless!

St. Michael

And St. Mary Magdalen. Although same sex attraction might not be their particular temptation (or sin), in each case, purity came after the Holy Spirit did in their lives.

The struggle would be the same … even if some of the particulars differ. Good patron saints for us all … in other matters too. :slight_smile:

I don’t know that there is a saint for such a specific cause, but any patron saint of chastity is probably willing to devote their prayers.

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