A Personal Account: A Former Model Turns to a Christian Life


She was successful, earning up to $16,000 a day on some fashion shoots. But an incident during one particular shoot for an international magazine changed her life.
see andamazinggrace.blogspot.com/2012/01/share.html


Wonderful. Inspiring. Thank you.

Fame and beauty are fleeting. And yes, the modeling industry has a negative side.



Is this the same story you posted last July?



Probably. This is an old story. Leah Darrow and her conversion story is well known now.


It is a new article with new information.


It’s dated 2012. Like myan calendar 2012…


Just an FYI that the story you posted last summer on this former model was from March 2013 and this one is from January 2012…so the first one you posted is the more recent one published.

But if this one has newer information, I’ll check 'er out–natch.



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