A Personal Story: After Had Helped in His Children's Abortions, What He Saw in Prayer After He Converted to the Catholic Faith

He says he had “sacrificed my children on the altar of my ambition.” The great inner pain he had led to his redemption, and, before God, to his lost children.
see priestsforlife.org/testimonies/3549-A-Tremendous-Gift

Beautiful testimony. Thank you very much. God bless you.

I agree; thanks for the link.

Beautiful Redemption. Thanks for the link.

I love this. Thank you for sharing.

David is quite an amazing individual. One might say more so - considering all he has been through. He also founded and built a very helpful website Catholic Bridge which is loaded with lots of good solid Catholic resource material including:

Video testimonials
Music (Pro-Life Songs, Children’s Songs)
Evangelical FAQ’s
A section on Our Blessed Mother (Incl. Rosary, Apparitions, Marian Dogma . . . )
Great articles on Sex & Society


. . . I didn’t know about the abortions though.

God bless him.

Thanks mdgspencer :thumbsup:

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