A photo of 85-year-old Ruth Bader Ginsburg planking is going viral after Justice Kennedy's SCOTUS retirement news



Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, meanwhile, celebrated her 85th birthday in March — and those who fear that a Kennedy replacement appointed by President Trump would sway SCOTUS in conservatives’ favor are counting on her to stay put. In addition to being the oldest justice, Ginsburg is also one of the most liberal, and her exit before the end of Trump’s term would result in a major power shift.


May she enjoy her retirement, starting as soon as possible. :slight_smile:


she probably is in better shape than i am and she is 19 years older!


I don’t get it. I think its just pride and power that keeps these Justices on the bench til they are close to dead and needing naps during work. :rofl:


Maybe money too. It’s not just a problem with the Supreme Court either.


she is stuck now and can’t retire unless a democrat wins in 2 more years.
she probably thought Hillary would win and then she could retire.


If The Donald wins again she’ll have to hang on until close to 90, then perhaps 94 with Pence.
(A guy can dream).

I wonder at what age it just becomes so blatantly political it brings disrepute to the whole process?


Maybe, but they should have their multi-million dollar mansions paid off by now surely… I wonder if they can oust an elderly Justice with apparent dementia. :thinking:


Long live Ruth Bader Ginsburg.


May she live long and retire early!


Long live RBG (in retirement)!!!


Does anyone know why Ruth does so many push ups?


I saw the photo, she’s not “planking”, not even doing a push-up
You don’t do one with your elbows.


I agree. Maybe it is an old lady plank modification like girl push ups? Nonetheless I do think she is in good shape for an older woman and takes time to maintain her physical strength.



And getting proper amounts of sleep is always important in maintaining good health too.

This from the Japan Times . . . .

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (center) rests during President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address on Capitol Hill in Washington on Jan. 20. Ginsburg has a confession: She ‘wasn’t 100 percent sober’ when she fell asleep at the address last month. | AP


In her defense that is what an Obama speech does to you. Not to mention it is better for you not to listen to his lies.


Technically, she is doing a ‘planking exercise for beginners’

So any criticism I have would be about fake news trying to tie a basic exercise with the earlier social media craze by young people


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