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Just thought I would let you know of a new Catholic Bride’s community that is starting today! Hope you will consider joining us!


We are in no way in competition with CA, in fact, I think we compliment each other in that we are specifically built for topics related to Catholic weddings and marriage preparation, and will always refer members to CA for more in depth discussions about our Faith.

Stop by and check us out! But remember to come back here for your daily fix! :slight_smile:



This is awesome. This will be much better than the secular boards that are so full of offensive things.


This is exactly what we are hoping for! So many secular bridal sites have topic areas that are either just plain offensive, such as “mature audiences only” areas, or don’t even allow religious discussions at all.

Our new forum is meant to be a place where Catholic women (and men) can come to discuss the unique questions about the sacrament of matrimony, as well as the most simple of questions like “why won’t my priest let us have a unity candle?” or “must we have Holy Communion at our wedding?”, or “how are you coping with chastity before marriage?”.

Hope to see you there! And please pass us along to any Catholic couples you might know who are looking for a place where they can share the love of their Faith, and their love for each other, in a welcoming and sharing environment.

Oh - and while you are on the site, take a look at the photos of Archbishop Raymond Burke blessing our efforts this past week! That was totally cool! :smiley:



:thumbsup: sweeeeeet :thumbsup:


Archbishop Burke is awesome! :thumbsup: And I have to ask, why can’t we use a unity candle? I never thought that was prohibited?


The “unity candle” is like a Hallmark holiday-- it’s made up and has no basis in Catholic tradition. In fact, it came from a soap opera on tv of all places.

In the Catholic tradition, the Marriage Rite itself is the symbol of unity, the exchange of consent and vows and the couple themselves are the Sacramental sign.

Since the “unity candle” is not Catholic in origin, and superfluous in nature, some parishes do not allow it. There is nothing contradictory to the faith in the “unity candle” therefore some parishes do allow this to be done before the Marriage Rite begins.

Catholic traditions include a prayer before the statue of the Virgin, and various cultural traditions such as the Lasso, Arias, and other Hispanic and Fillipino traditions.

We did not have a “unity candle”. We did have the presentation of flowers and prayer to the Virgin Mary.


Is the tradition of a procession and then prayer in front of a marian statue allowed?


Yes. We had a procession and then we did prayer to Mary.

I can send you my program-- I made a detailed program in Publisher. PM me if you want it.


We did the procession and presentation of flowers to Mary as well.

Your priest should be able to provide you with a booklet called “Together for Life” which helps you in putting together your readings and prayers for your Nuptial Mass or Ceremony. If he doesn’t have it, you can get it from Amazon I believe. It will walk you though the order of the Mass. If you don’t see something in there, then ask your priest if it is allowed in your parish. The unity candle is a good example, so are some of the other purely secular rituals such as the “hands ceremony”, “sand ceremony”, throwing rice, releasing birds, etc.



We did the procession and presentation of flowers to Our Lady, and since DH’s patron is St Joseph, we also processed and prayed before St. Joseph’s statue as well. DH presented St Joseph with a lilly, the symbol of chastity/virginity, thanking St. Joseph for giving DH the strength to be chaste.

Also, an Eastern European tradition allows for the couple to place their hands over a blessed crucifix as they recite their vows. That crucifix is now hanging above our bed, and it is the one we say our daily rosary in front of. :slight_smile:


No offense, but I can’t stand unity candles! They make no sense to me. However, I went to a Catholic wedding last year and they had one.


We opted for not having a unity candle, because it isn’t part of the Catholic wedding mass generally. I know those who did (including my own parents who were a bit surprised when I said “no” to a unity candle) and it’s beautiful, but DH and I opted for not doing it.

We did process and offer flowers to Mary after communion. It was beautiful and really meaningful to us since the Rosary was part of what kept us strong as a couple during our dating and engagement. Also, we added a Litany of the Saints in as well after we said our vows, asking not only prayers from Mary and those witnessing our promises, but also from the saints as well :).


Not sure if anyone will read this… since this thread is so old… but…

Is Our Lady’s Brides still around? Silly me didn’t check the dates on posts until after registering, and the only post I found from this year was back in january!!

Where did everyone go?? :frowning:


Very cool Liza! I wish I’d known about this place a couple months ago lol. :slight_smile:


So you basically mean I can go bride-shopping there? :p:D


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