A place to pray in my home

hello. I am moving to a small apartment and won’t have my fireplace where I lit candles and prayed and went through my devotions in peace at home.

I’ve seen documentaries on ewtn where someone had set up a table with a crusifix stand on it and kneel facing it when they pray. This sounds like something I’d love to have.
Are there terms for these items? Is there a correct or (incorrect) or improper way to set something like this up. I am a new Catholic but like things very traditional and am trying to be an influence to the rest of my confused family.

I pray alot.:slight_smile:

Thanks for ideas or pics of anything you might have or seen.

The only thing I can suggest is to (also) keep a holy water font on the wall by the door perhaps. Pray for us too, ok?

No, there’s no correct or incorrect way to set up your home shrine or prayer corner (the term ‘altar’ should probably only be reserved for the place upon which the Sacrifice of the Mass is offered). The rule is there are no rules, just be guided by whatever works best for you.

I know what you mean about living in small apartments, but I have a side table set up in a corner with a crucifix hanging on the wall above.

It has:
prayerbook and Bible
framed icons and pictures (I’m not real fond of statues for the most part)
bottle of holy water
flowers (and palms from Palm Sunday)
candle holders (the plain little glass tealight holders work best in small spaces)

I’m really looking foreward to putting it together after the move. I’m trying to hunt down a crusifix that is tall and has its own base. Ill hunt this weekend… lol

This is sorta Funny.

We built our house a few years ago and in lower level I put in a Chapel…complete with Faux stained glass window. It is very attractive. However I NEVER use that room…In fact it has some stuff stored in it…I do home prayers (censor and all) in a little storage room in our basement. I have NO IDEA why I pray in that little room and not the chapel but thats the way it has been for quite awhile now. I guess God has a great sense of humor by prompting me to pray in a cold storage room

E-bay can be a good place to hunt.

Family Altar thread

Nice link. I do feel odd calling it an altar as someone else said.
Yuppers… I’ll prob get back up on ebay this weekend. I bought most of my wall crusifixes there.

Generally we don’t do this, at least in England. The very richest will have properly consecrated chapels in which Mass is celebrated, but we don’t subconsecrate a corner of a normal room for prayers. This is in contrast to the Orthodox tradition, where it is expected that the family will have an icon corner.

What many people do is fix a crucifix in every room, or at least in the living room.

I don’t think there are any particularly deep theological reasons, except that many non-Catholics believe that religion is primarily something of the home. We don’t think this. Our central religious act, the consecration, may not be performed by the family at home, but must be done by a priest, usually at church.

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