A plea for a bands song regarding the Crucifix

Try to keep this short. I am a Crucifix maker in Logan Utah. I work with the Sisters of the Holy Cross out of Detroit and the Odeh Olive wood factory in Bethlehem. I have also been involved with the RCIA here in Utah since my own conversion 14 years ago. Although I have a long way to go my relationship with Jesus is always growing thanks to our Sacrament of Confession. I was looking for something inspirational regarding the Crucifix. I found this:

Now on my site, (www.rciagifts.com) look to the upper left hand area of it, “Crucifix on the wall” and play it. I was the 2nd soul to view this a few days ago. It put me on my knees. Maybe that’s just me and where I am. I feel as if this band deserves a hug applause, I feel that this band will deflect that applause up to Jesus. Lets help them out here. When we find a nugget, as Catholics no reason to hide it. Pass this on to as many souls as you can. I immediately passed it on to my 3 children. I want to know what you all think of this song. Personally this band is going to be gifted my next Crucifix. It will not be a small one.

In Christ Jesus

Thanks for that. It really moved me as well and I shall pass it on.


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