A Plea to Priests

This is a link to a blog post from a student at the Anglican Churches “Anglo-Catholic” Seminary ~ Nashotah House about the state of Liturgy. It is titled “A Plea to Priests”. Sort of lays it out. I can’t help but think it is a reflection of many in the pews.

A brief excerpt:

“I want to follow you. Do not bring worship down to my level. Bring me up into the worship of the Holy of Holies. For your priesthood participates in the Priesthood of Christ, our only mediator and advocate to the Father…”

Not a problem in my parish. But I understand the cry.


Mine either:thumbsup:

For Lutheran pastors who play with praise bands and mega church tomfoolery , please take note


Have you put this on an Anglican Forum, as its very good.

Don’t have the smoke machines or rock t-shirts, but often get tired of stories of a Priest’s family, childhood, his problems in teenage years, his problems in Seminary with other students there. Where is the Homily which teaches me about the Readings, the Gospel, especially! I only get a true Homily about the Scriptures once a month. The rest of the time, it’s stories about the priest’s life, his school days, or worse, jokes about things going on in our Community. Give me respectful, holy and meditative Homilies which teach me more about the Scriptures and our Faith! I wish my Priest would read this, but then he would say “I don’t do these things”. No, but you don’t feed my soul either, or my spirit.

Thanks for the idea. Truth told, I don’t go on Anglican forums or Blogs, but maybe I’ll look a couple up. I got it from someone I know who does frequent them.

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