A poem on mind pollution


My latest poem or should I say poemet because it is short this time.

Mind Pollution (Porn)

Don’t pollute your mind with garbage,

garbage foul and smelly,

the kind of things that every day,

are beamed across the telly.

Other things:

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Lovely and moral poem :slight_smile:

I thought up a parody of it too:

*Don’t fill your tummy with garbage,

Junky and unheathly food,

The kind of snacks that every week,

Put you in a soar mood.*


This is the first time that anyone has done a parody on any of my poems. That makes it more interesting. :thumbsup: You picked a logical topic also. Keep writing verse. It’s fun and stimulates the mind. (I recently put a poem up on another Catholic forum and someone wrote an alternate version of it). I was interesting to see how that person did it. I might have a look at my poems sometime and see if I can make a parody of any of them. :slight_smile:


I like it :wink: Just a note about me. I don’t even have a tellie. :slight_smile: I stopped watching a long time ago for the very reason you mentioned.


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