A poem that sums up our desire for eternal life


I came across this poem a few days ago. I thought it perfectly described the desire for God and for eternal life in Heaven that many people fill.
Here it is!

A Heavenly Land

Ocean waves are crashing, the crystallised water is smashing.
They shatter into glassy droplets and spray the air surrounding.
The sea is a mass of broken dreams searching for one who will fulfill them.
The air is he, calm as the dolphins beneath it who wash away all misery into the clear night sky.
Blow, wind, blow, and take me with you to the land where all are satisfied.
Brush me with your tenderness; encrust me with your diamond beauty.
Enlighten your faithful child with the wisdom of eternity.
Guide me that I might live as peacefully as you, my friend, who delights all who witness your peaceful beauty.
Bring me to the blissful happiness in which you dwell and bestow me with the gift of contentment.
My God, lead me to the enchanted castle I now call home.


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