A poll for atheists


I’ll explain my reasons for this poll and elaborate later. I don’t want to taint the results at the beginning.


A Hypothetical Proposal for the Intellectually Convinced Atheist

"Hypothetically, ‘IF’ there happens to be a plateau on the noumenal side of our post-mortem phenomenal existence, where one would stand in the presence of YHWH, and hear the truths of ultimate reality which would “happen” to coincide perfectly with the orthodox/canonical Christian metanarrative; and more, there would exist a “variable” which would allow the “intellectually convinced atheist” to repent and worship YHWH as the Living God, OR go off into a solitary place according to one’s own “free will,” OR choose to be annihilated and extingusihed from conscious existence, WOULD:

(1) The “intellectually convinced atheist” repent and worship YHWH as God and King, and live forever in the “kingdom of heaven” in an eternal state of bliss with the community of the faithful?

(2) Would the “intellectually convinced atheist” reject (1) and instead choose to go off into a solitary place, or perhaps roam the universe (in solitude) for a self-determined period of time. At any time thereafter the “intellectually convinced atheist” could choose (3)?

(3) Or would the “intellectually convinced atheist” choose annihilation (i.e. the cessation of all neurophysiological and spiritual faculties)?

*** I am not talking about “heaven” and “hell” according to the conventional systematic Christian mythos established by artists such as Dante, Dore, Durer, Van Eyck, Michaelangelo, Milton, et al.; In this proposal I am assuming that depictions of “heaven” and “hell” in Scripture are to be understood within the context of the “apocalyptic literary genre,” which though was apparent in the Prophets, really prevailed during the Hellenistic era (cf. Hanson, Pagels, Chadwick, J.B. Russell, et al.).

The question is really a simple one:

(1) Implies “choosing” to see the Beatific Vision (Vision of YHWH) and “choosing” to worship YHWH as God and King, and live forever in the “kingdom of heaven” in an eternal state of bliss with the community of the faithful?

(2) and (3) imply “choosing” not to see the Beatific Vision, and rather “choosing” to live in solitude (for a self-determined time), or choosing annihilation, or both.

Which would “you” choose?


Eternal bliss sounds good to me. As does having definitive proof of God’s existence.

I voted for #1.


First, we have to differentiate between what I wish and what I regard as reality. What I’d wishfully choose, has nothing to do what will really happen.
I think #3 is reality, but that is not what I *wish *for, so if were to choose, I’d opt for some sort of heaven, Muslim heaven would do, Walhalla would do, even becoming a *kami *would do, if I would not be bound to a particular place for all eternity.

But let’s consider I find myself in the presence of Yahwe and all of sudden understand his nature and what this (after)life is all about, it depends:
Possibilty #1: Yahwe is an omnibenevolent (and omni-otherwise) being, and men have interpreted him terribly wrong from time to time, then I would repent, admit I was wrong, and start worshipping him. BTW I would do that in my lifetime, IF I stood before him, but heck he’s nowhere to be found.
Possibility #2: Yahwe is exactly the god as the bible depicts him. Then I’d rather be annihilated, than to endure the presence of that [no I won’t write that] for all eternity. Please read Exo 23:27, Lev 20, Deu 3:3-6, Deu 22:28-29, Acts 5 for a start, if you do not know, what I am talking about.


I’d be like damn God i’m sorry… it ain’t my fault. Then I’d go bowling with him. So i choose #1.

But that’s quite the hypothetical question.

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