A Portrait of an Alleged Murderer: The Life of Suspected Tiller Killer Scott Roeder

By Peter J. SmithWICHITA, Kansas, June 1, 2009 (LifeSiteNews.com) – A clearer portrait has now emerged of the man who allegedly took it into his hands to play judge, jury, and executioner of George Tiller, the foremost provider of late-term abortions in the United States. The portrait…

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I just wonder how the left wing media will spin this a different way? I doubt if they will clarify that the anti abortion group he was a part of was a “radical fringe” group. The left wingers whether they be media or otherwise will go after the pro life movement like a pack of hungry wolves. Hang on people, get ready for the tsunami.:knight2:

Yes, we’re all radical fringe dwellers to them. The night Sen. McCain nominated Sarah Palin for VP, Keith Olbermann already proclaimed her a rabid pro-life fanatic…:rolleyes:

It’s awful, but this horrible act opened us up to this.

Innocent until proven guilty.
Innocent until proven guilty.
Innocent until proven guilty.

We’re already under the microscope by the US Government as a “terror threat”…what kind of sanctions will they impose on us now???:eek: I might be a little paranoid, and maybe not, but why do I have this pit in my stomach that tells me it will be more than verbal backlash.:frighten:

Hasn’t this guy already confessed to this? What am I missing here?:confused:

Looking at how this story has been playing out in the media really makes me keenly aware of the media’s bias.

You take this one man with a history of mental disability, a guy who represents maybe 0.000001% of those who oppose abortion, and he gets turned into the poster child for the pro-life position.

An interesting fact that has surfaced throughout all this that I did not know is that the last time an abortionist was murdered was 11 years ago. And yet, if you follow the pro-choice propaganda, you’d think it happened every day.

How easy it is for one person to do so much damage. And how difficult will it be for thousands of pro-life workers to repair the damage done.

The man was schizophrenic and had bombing materials in his car–and they didn’t commit him then??? I would think that this would be a clear failure of the government!!!

No, it’s how the legal system works. It ain’t perfect, but it is one of the best in the world. For the same reason they won’t commit him immediately is the same reason a government beauracrat with a napolean comlpex can’t have anyone they wish committed who just happens to tick them off.

With everything else he was up to, I think that he presented a danger to himself or others, which is the criteria for commitment. Yes, I realize that it’s a difficult thing to do, but that is what protects us from bureaucrats with Napoleonic complexes. He was apparently *diagnosed *with a mental disease, since two people in the article mentioned it, and he refused to take his medication, which indicates that he had been dxed as well. It wasn’t like we are just finding out now that he had mental problems.

I shouldn’t be that difficult!

It’s obvious Mr. Tiller’s killer was PRO-CHOICE!

He chose to kill Mr. Tiller. If he had truly been pro-life, would not Mr. Tiller be alive?

A Pro-life murderer is an oxymoron. I know it’s a hard concept for some of the geniuses in our main stream media to figure out…but really, is it that difficult to see?

The scariest part was this guy got 2 years probation for having bomb materials.

That + mental illness should lead to him being committed - he’s a clear danger to others.

This guy was a terrorist in the making and should have been addressed.

While I agree this guy is not representative of the vast majority of pro-lifers, the extreme rhetoric given off by many certainly contributes to people like this.

Roeder only handed the pro-choicers the ammo. It’s NARAL and NOW who are emptying their clips into the side of the pro-life movement. Roeder obviously has a lot of responsibility for this, but let’s also remember that he’s not the only one involved here.

“Don’t like killing abortionists? Don’t kill any!” Is that what you’re saying? :stuck_out_tongue:

And do you think I could get that on a bumper sticker?

Ah… I shouldn’t joke. Too many people are dead.

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