A possible Strike by Hollywood Film & TV Writers?

Does Hollywood film and tv writers deserve to go on strike?

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Doesn’t matter. I have about a dozen episodes of Mythbusters taped. That should be enough to last me for two or three years.

Don’t care. We don’t watch much TV here. I do think they are out of touch and try to push the envelope far too much though.

I voted Other. Some movies / TV shows are worthwhile, but so much of it is junk. On balance, it may not be so bad if they leave us for a while :wink:

Witht the way they write, Bring on the Scabs. (Line Breakers)

Yes, please tell them to go on strike and stay there.

(Didn’t read the link but that’s just my take on it.)

I haven’t watched TV for years now, and I haven’t been too impressed with the quality of the writing in the movies I go to either. I have a lot of DVDs to watch and so I doubt I’ll miss much if they do go on strike.

I hope they do, and stay out for a long time. That will be that much less trash to pollute the airwaves and screens.

The last time they went on strike it opened the door to the current barrage of reality shows which don’t employ traditional script writers. Let’s see how well it works if they do it again.

A little Column A, a little from Column B. They work hard to produce their societal poison.

I hope not -

I am hooked on “Pushing Dasies”


Solidarity For Never
Posted by Justin Raimondo on October 20, 2007

"I had to laugh when I saw that the Hollywood writers have voted to go on strike. With the dreck they’re churning out these days, it’s the audience that ought to go on strike—although, from what I can tell, that’s precisely what they are doing, what with attendance way down from historic highs and the old moviehouses closing down left and right. That doesn’t deter the Writers Guild of America (WGA): “Writers do not want to strike, but they are resolute and prepared to take strong, united action to defend our interests,” proclaimed guild President Patric Verrone. “What we must have is a contract that gives us the ability to keep up with the financial success of this ever-expanding global industry.”

I’ll tell you what: if all of the more than 5,000 WGA members are so resolutely determined not to hobnob with the stars while collecting four, fix, and six-figure checks, plus a chauffeur ride to “work,” then I’ll gladly volunteer for that particular sweatshop."

Film/TV writers going on strike?

I would put that on approximately the same level as Satan’s imps going on strike.

Or all the al-Qaa`ida operatives in the world going on strike.

Or the majority party in the House and Senate…er, never mind.

:thumbsup: :rotfl: :yup:

Let’s put it in a different light.

Thousands of people in LA make their living in the entertainment industry. Many thousands.

Many of these people are not wealthy actors receiving million dollar salaries. They are production assistants, artists, techies, etc. They receive a decent salary that they use to support themselves and their families, including children.

In addition, many ancillary businesses; e.g., the restaurants and bars, make money when Hollywood works.

If the writers are on strike, all these people are out of work, too.

Not a nice prospect at Christmas.

Writers can at least make some money doing technical writing, or freelancing, or finishing their novel.

A camera tech or a makeup artist or an animator can’t do this. And a restaurant or bar with no customers shuts down.

Looks like they are out on strike: :extrahappy:

Hollywood Writers Begin Strike After Last-Ditch Negotiations Fail

LOS ANGELES — Hollywood writers will strike after last-ditch talks called by a federal mediator failed.

Writers and studios broke off talks late Sunday after East Coast members of the writers union declared they were officially on strike, the group representing producers said.

Last-ditch negotiations between the Writers Guild of America and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers ended after about 11 hours.

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A little hiatus from the perversion of Hollywood. The longer the better.

As long as I have my Bogie & Bacall and Thin Man series on DVD, EWTN, Boston Catholic TV, plus all my Catholic books, who cares? They write nothing of substance or importance, and shame on the American public for encouraging them!:rolleyes:

Like most people I wish writers would come up with better quality material. But it’s my understanding that the point of this strike is because of major changes in the industry not because writers just want *more *money.

What with more people obtaining their entertainment from the internet and from DVD sales and less people watching television and attending movies in theaters, the money comes in to the distributors in a different method than in the past.

If I understand things correctly, most writers don’t get any residuals from iTunes and such sales like they do from other media. And residuals are a big part of a writer’s income so they don’t want to lose out on what seems to be the media of the future.

Regardless of what I think about the writers strike I understand why they want to change things.

If they are not being fairly compensated for their work then yes they have the right to strike. Whether or not I like what they produce is irrelevant. They have the right to be fairly compensated for their work. I don’t know if they are or not - apparently they feel they are not, and so they are striking to make their point.


The strike by writers has started.

And now we can see how “impotent” some of our media personalities really are.

They can read, but they can’t write or speak without adult assistance.

It is really amusing to see how intellectually challenged some of our media superstars really are.

I guess they studied “hair” and “smile” and “voice” when they were in college. But they didn’t study “writing” or “thinking” or “have an original thought”. Or “walking and talking at the same time”. Or “talking and thinking at the same time”.

Or “how to do your own research”.

Maybe the writers should stay out permanently. They should write under their own names and sell their product directly.

Who needs Leno and Dave whathisname? They have enough money now and can spend their time writing car columns for Popular Mechanics and tinkering with their racing cars.

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