A Post-Tribulation?


Jesus said many times to his disciples and to John in his dream (now Revelation) that to see God and his glory you must overcome and be pure. To me it means that if say in December 22, 2012; (the end of the Mayan, Sumerian, and Mesopotamian calendar, Nostro Damus’s and Edgar Cacye’s predictions, which all some-how happen on the same day and year) the Tribulation began and the first vial was opened; that the Rapture wouldn’t occur yet. To overcome, of course until the end by faith in God, you must pass through locusts, angels on horses, plagues, a big comet collision, Armageddon, the Anit- christ and his Mark, ect. I wanted to see how many believed in a post-tribulation or not.[SIGN]What do you think?[/SIGN]


[quote=Sanctus Vir][SIGN]What do you think?[/SIGN]

I think all that stuff makes my head hurt and all I can really focus on right now is being a good husband and making it to Mass every day. What ever happens will happen if I know about it or not.


What is your understanding of “the rapture” and why do you assume it will occur?

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as we should all know, the rapture is when, as said by John, an angel carrying a scyth will reap up the people and followers of God. I just think of it as when God summons us all to judgment before him at the gates of heaven.


View the current thread on ‘‘rapture’’ in this section (Non Catholic Religions) of the forums for information on why the theory is not scripturally sound.


I have but I still follow the bible strictly as any good christian should do. But I only belive in one rapture rather than two like many other christian religions.


But the rapture was an invention of the early 1800s. It isn’t actually Biblical. I won’t get into it here, as it’s still going on over there :smiley: .


right…sure it is. I still believe the bible. God promised us all is true within. it is divine like He. Nobody can convince me otherwise but God himself.


I don’t have to convince you otherwise, but I doubt you’ve read the whole argument, in any case, just out of curiosity do you hold to those ‘‘prophecies’’ and pagan calanders for the end of the world?


Some New Age- neopagans are saying that when the “earth changes” (natural disasters) come to give birth to a new world on that day, those who fear or dislike the pagan utopia that they believe is on its way won’t survive.


Unfortunately some people believe them :rolleyes:


If you are interested, this link gives the Catholic viewpoint of rapture theology.


If you want the quick answer, we can believe in a rapture, as long as we keep in mind it will happen on the last day.


Amazingly enough, the lastest work of the likes of Stephen Hawking predict a “last day” in quantum physics as well. It’s just they predict it in a really long, long time from now. Like 20 billion years+.

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