A pray for all on this board

Domine Deus, amo te super omnia proximum meum propter te, quia tu es summum, infinitum, et perfectissimum bonum, omni dilectione dignum. In hac caritate vivere et mori statuo. Amen.

Care to pray in a language we all can understand? :wink:

I was thinking CA was all over the world so I think some one will be able to read the pray.

O LORD God, I love Thee above all things on account of Thee, because Thou art the highest, infinite and most perfect good, worthy of all love. In this love I stand to live and die. Amen.

Thank you Bill…!!! :o

Auditum, comprehensumque et minime negatum. :slight_smile:

Is this thread allowed or able to develop as a thread for favourite prayers ?

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