A prayer answered today

ok, like so many of us dealing with the snow storms particularly those of us in the Northeast, yesterday at our house we got a batch of about 12 inches of snow. Then last night while sleeping another round showed up which was supposed to be a less than 3 inches and it ended up being about 10 inches. UGGH!

About 6:30am I am dressed and ready to go out and start digging …AGAIN! Before I do so, I stopped and prayed that I would have the strength to get thru it considering my back being very painful. “Lord please give me the strength that I might be able to diligently take care of things and help others if they are in need”. So I started shoveling and my neighbor showed up with a snow blower within a few minutes. He says sort of laughing “I can’t do this anymore!” I agreed that the snow was getting old. He told me “No I seriously can’t because I had a stroke last week!” :eek: He hands me the snow blower and tells me to use it and have fun along the whole street. After sort of reprimanding him (in a loving way) for not letting us know sooner about his stroke AND for bothering with any shoveling, I happily took hold of the snow blower and proceeded to get him cleared out and my other elderly neighbors to get them cleared out and then my own property.

It may seem like a small prayer being answered, but it was HUGE! Anyone dealing with this knows how tough its been. I promised to help others and that is exactly what I did as my prayer was answered. If nothing else, it brightened up the day a bit and also reminded me that I need to check on my friends and neighbors more often as they may be in need and just haven’t said anything.

Thanks for sharing. Letting everyone know when their prayers have been answered, gives hope for those of us who are still praying.

Ah yes, the power of prayer. It does work. Keep praying, more snow is on the way tomorrow for us in the Northeast.

We’re getting the same snow up here in Quebec; however this is old hat for us and I live in a rural area, so I have a small garden tractor with a snow blower on it as I’m way too far from the road to shovel my way out.

I’m on sabbatical at the moment so things are quite relaxed but I had to open the driveway this morning so my physician wife could get to work. I just managed to get a wide enough path for her car to go through when the belt driving the blower broke. Had to drive in the snowstorm to go buy another belt to finish the job. All part of living in the sticks in winter.

Now she’s soon going to come home so I have to go blow out the driveway again as it’s been snowing all day.

We were supposed to have a choir rehearsal tonight (Gregorian chant), but it was rescheduled for next Friday, thank God. That was my prayer that was answered. I hadn’t sung with the schola in some time and was looking forward to resuming now that I’m on sabbatical and have more time, so I was quite put out that I had to miss the rehearsal, which is in a small city 90 km away. Fortunately the choirmaster decided to reschedule.

Sounds like you had quite an adventure! As far as the snow goes we are at our 6th “snowiest” (if that’s a word) winter ever recorded and only 13 inches from breaking the record set in 93/94. We’re definitely not used to this much snow.

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