A prayer for this young family


I was wondering if everyone could just spend a moment to pray for this family. I don’t actually know them but they are next door neighbours of my parents. They are around there early 30’s and have a little boy of about 2.The husband has found out that he has luekiemia ( hope i spelt that right) and has had to give up his job and due to this have found it hard to pay the mortgage.Which means they have had to rent the property out and they have had to go and live with extended family.My parents have spoken often about what a lovely family they are.


Thank you for sharing this. I will commend them to the heart of Jesus, the greatest refuge I know.

God bless!


I will pray for this family. :gopray:


Prayers for this family. :signofcross:


Jesus, please help this young man to receive effective and affordable treatment for leukemia, so that he is able to regain health, and is able to support his family.
Please help things to return to a healthy normal for this family, but meantime, while they are living with family, please give all the nesessary graces to avoid stresses and to enable peace and ease.

Thank You, Jesus.


Praying very hard for them!


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