A Prayer for World Peace


My Heavenly Father,

Here i am again, this time coming before You on this first day of this new year (2009) to again ask for Your Divine Interference.

Our world is sorely in need of a miracle to halt its obvious self-destruction. It is believed by many of Your Children that by the consecration of Russia to The Immaculate Heart of Our Holy Mother we could receive this miracle, and that this consecration would delay a terrible end to this world as we know it.

Wars, disease, famine and false doctrines confront us from all corners of this planet, and countless souls are being lost thereby. You know our needs, better than we ourselves know them. Therefore, my prayer to You is to influence the hearts, minds and souls of all who could make this come about.

Because You are “my strength and my praise,” my life i totally dedicate to serving You, and i thank You for the countless blessings that You have seen fit to bestow on me, a sinful creature.

All praises, glory and honor i freely give Thee for Thou are deserving of no less.

SoBeIt. . . .



God bless you and your loved ones in this new year. :slight_smile:



what a beautiful, heartfelt prayer! truly gorgeous, and obviously from the heart.

it is my hope and prayer that you and all who are dear to you have a blessed remainder of this glorious Christmas Season and a beautiful, fruitful New Year. :slight_smile:

in the peace and love of Christ,
alison :heart:


Dear Trishie & Alison,

Good morning from this part of the world, and heartfelt thanks for your wonderful comments ~ they’ve uplifted my spirits this new morning, truly.

As part of a prayer chain, people from all over the world are saying their rosary daily at noon (their local time) for this consecration to happen. Can you join with us in this campaign?

And May God’s Blessings overwhelm you & yours!!


A hearty Amen!




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