A prayer I wrote

I wrote this prayer:

"O Good Jesu,
Have mercy on me,
For I have sinned most grievously
against Thy Majesty.

I deserve not Thy mercy,
But, lo, what can I do without Thee?

O Lord Most High,
Withdraw not Thy tender forgiveness
But blot out by offence
And build around me a fence
So that I may he protected from the Evil One.

O Good Jesu,
Behold me prostrate before Thy throne,
Having placed all my trust in Thee.
Create within me a new heart and a new mind
And do with me what Thou wilt
For I entrust myself completely to Thy mercy.

If there is anything objectionable in it, please tell me. If you like it, please use it - anything good in it is from God, not myself. Please also include me in your prayers - my name is Harsh Shah.


A Beautiful prayer…I thank you for sharing it,… I will write it down and say it daily…Of course I will remember you… God bless you and keep you close to His Merciful Heart.

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Very beautiful
Thank you for sharing.

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