A Prayer of Thanks


When we pray and ask God for help, and if that prayer is answered, should we then pray a prayer of thanks to God for answering/helping us?

I recently prayed for the grace and strength to handle a very difficult situation. I truly feel that God answered my prayer. I now feel guilty for not thanking God in prayer for answering me. The thought didn’t cross my kind until a few days later. Is God insulted by my lack of prayerful thanks afterward?


I shouldn’t presume to speak for God (though I have), but I look at it this way: better late than never.

And the next time you have a prayer answered, perhaps you could offer an extra thanks.

(For more on ex-voto offerings, see this link: fisheaters.com/votiveofferings.html)


My dear friend

It’s good to pray to honour and thank always because no prayer goes unanswered. But the best thank you to God is a good life. It’s never too late to say thanks as said here already. Say thanks when you get what you need and not what you ask for too. That’s a real test of friendship - how we react when the answer is no, and we get something else.

God bless you:thumbsup::slight_smile:


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