A prayer or two


This is probaly the dumbest prayer intention you have heard on this forum.
Let me explain:
In the first quarter (in school), I was some-what struggling with school, getting a mix of "A"s and "B"s. Part of this was due to a transition from normal, or average, classes to 3 honors classes and an average math class (I was in basic for all of middle school and freshmen year). I thought I handled the transition well, but I guess not. I have recently begin to struggle in school again, pretty much getting straight "B"s. That may sound good, but my parent’s expectations are straight "A"s and a good GPA too.
I’m pretty sure I can reach this goal, but I just don’t apply myself to my studies. This has been an issue in the past, but I usaually get a grip and concentrate. Now, however, I am trying but my grades keep sliping. I think I’m appraching the “point of no return”, meaning if I go lower, I might not finish the quarter well. My grades are like the economy, up and down.
I pray every night and ask God to help me “in all my subjects”, sometimes asking for help in a specific one. This seems to not be helping too much anymore :(.
Hopefully, with more prayer, even for just one night, He will hear it and help me out a little.
Please pray for me so I can concentrate get those straight "A"s.
Thank you,


We Pray for you to have God’s grace to apply yourself to studies.

We Pray that God’s Will shall be done in your life.

Lord hear our prayer.


Praying for you coolduude…Asking God’s help to help us to do better at school or any worthy cause is always a good thing.


Hey cooldude,

Ask your guardian angel to help you.

I’ll pray for you too, that God will help you to do your best so that you meet His expectations.

~~ the phoenix :cool:


LORD Jesus
Help ur Son


Praying for you and your studies.


Praying for the Holy Spirit to guide you!




Father, we beg of you to remove all interruptions and distractions from this young man as he tries to study. Help him to absorb what he is reading and give him the ability to remember and retain during testing. We ask this for all the young people who are struggling. We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ.


Praying for you.


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