A Prayer request for me and my family


Hello everyone,

I would like to just ask everyone to keep our family in your prayers. My wife and I are expecting our first child in 4-5 weeks and I just got diagnosed with shingles earlier this week:confused: While this good thing is that my wife has had chicken pox before, so she is in no current danger, the problem is that shingles i have read can last anywhere from a 2 weeks to over a month. This is where my prayer request comes in. If my wife were to go into labor before my shingles healed, i would not be able to be there to support her at the hospital and to meet my new child at his/her (we are being surprised :)) birth due to the risk of giving our newborn chicken pox, which could be deadly to our child. We have both been looking forward to the birth of our child so much, and obviously have both been praying alot that the meds the DR gave me will clear everything up quickly ( hopefully in 7-10 days as my DR hopes given the circumstances) and I will be able to be there for my wife and new child.

So please, if you feel so inclined, please pray for us: For me to heal, for my wife and child to have a safe labor, and for God to continue to bless us and our new family.

Thank you


Hey Newrock,

Be assured of my prayers!

But you might want to put this in the “Prayers Request” forum - it might get ignored here. Over there, you have all the contemplatives and the daily Mass attendees and Holy Hour makers who constantly pour over that forum waiting for someone to pray for. :byzsoc:


Thank your for your prayers and for your suggestion, I did also post in the prayer intentions section after I posted here. ( sorry I am a little new on here )

Thank you, be assured you will also be in my prayers


You might ask the doctor if the fact that your wife has had chicken pox and presumably has antibodies in her system which, possibly, the newborn will also have for a short time after birth would mean that it would be safe for you to be present at the birth. It works that way for puppies, so maybe also for humans? Just a thought. I will pray for you. Shingles are just awful to suffer from.


Yeah, We checked on that. They told us they probably wont even let me in the hospital if it was still not healed.

But so far, I think it is starting to heal, according to what the DR told me so, Again, thank you for all the prayers, I think by the end of next week, as long as my wife doesnt go into labor, We will be fine :slight_smile: I can deal with any of the pain that may linger, as long as I can be there for my wife and new child.

Thank you thank you thank you everyone for your prayers and my God Bless You all !!


OH OUCH...and of course you are in my prayers.


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