A prayer request for my DH, Navy Sailor


He is taking his First Class Petty Officer test tomorrow – for the third time. He moved up so quickly to E-5 (less than three years service) but now his rate, or to you non-military types, his JOB rating is closed up. In other words there may be 18000 AZ’s in the Navy, but there is only 100 positions open in E-6. AKA First Class Petty Officer. He has tested three times and was passed over for numerous reasons, including the “sailors of the year” etc at other bases. He has a few “Early Promote” on his reviews, and a few “Must Promote” on his record, but yet, he still has not advanced. He has been told typical waiting time from E-5 to E-6 in his rate is five years. Either way, he continues to do an excellent job and has received quite a few nods, medals, and one “Commendation from the Rear Admiral of the Lincoln Battle Group for excellency in service as Safety Petty Officer of Electronic Air-Warfare Squadron ABC-###.” Apparently as Safety Petty Officer in charge of making sure everyone was disaster-ready be it natural or warfare attack. His squad was the first and ONLY one to pass the safety inspection on the first go-around.

Basically my point is only partial-braggart…I am just trying to say I know how hard he works. He doesn’t brag – I actually get formal letters from his commanding officers~! I had no idea about the commendation until I got a letter from the ship!!! I just am asking for your prayers that he get’s this promotion. He’s certainly been humbled by the passing-up, even after the “early promotes” where he SHOULD have been promoted. It’s the job, it’s the Navy, it’s the military – period.

Just asking for your prayers that he’ll get it this time. He could use the up-lift in spirits and the “atta-boys” a military promotion brings. We could also use the extra $$ as we are on baby number four.

Thanks guys! God Bless.


I know how it can be. I was an officer in the Air Force, but hear that it was so hard to get Major or 0-4. I left before than but did reach up to 0-2 which is easy. I guess it is the same for enlisted. I have heard it gets more difficult as you go up the ranks. I will pray for your dh to be promoted this time and also pray for his safety.


Praying for your husband to be promoted this time. Also praying our Lord, protects him always.:gopray2:


My son is an E-1 :wink: . Went to boot camp in January and is now on shore duty in WA - Whidbey Island NAS.

I’ll offer Mass on Thursday for your hubby!! Let us know how it goes. —KCT (Navy Mom)


KC, you must be so proud! Attaboy to him and Bravo Zulu close up for his wonderful accomplishments! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Prayers for a fair wind and following sea on his test tomorrow.



Hey we JUST left Whidbey last October! Too bad we aren’t still there we could have taken your son under our wings! Who is he with?

St. Augustine’s church out in town has a really great priest right now, and an AWESOME fellowship. Great KoC too!


Thank you everyone. I appreciate it. We’ll know in a few months.


I sent you a PM. He likes Whidbey Island so far. He was hoping to be on a carrier and start traveling, but there will be time for that. He’s an AM. —CT


Yeah, the Navy can be harsh. My husband is an 04, but then, we are only reservists now. Another member of our parish was passed over for 05 three times, which I didn’t realize was possible. Anyway, he just got picked up, so there is always hope.
Another friend has done everything right and was up for 06, and just found out he wasn’t selected, and to boot he’s on his way to a crummy supply command in Philly because he thought it would be good for his career!
As you’ve said, the higher up the ladder you go, the fewer the slots. You’ve really got to “break out”, they say.


We’ll pray for him and wish him the best from my family as well.

I made E-7 last September and then, in a move that confused almost everyone, elected to enroll in OCS. Tell him not not to lose faith. While the military is a bureacracy that boggles the mind, the best people usually do eventually rise to the top.


Praying that all goes/went well for you DH’s test! :gopray:


Oh my goodness! AZ!!! That has been a tough rating for decades, particularly E-5 and E-6. Hopefully, he has enough PNA points to boost his test score- which should be quite high with all the CAF people praying for him.

I was a MS2 (a rating no longer in existence- I think they call them culinary specialists now) a lot longer than I wanted to be, until things opened up in NC.


Bless your heart and your DH’s!

I will pray for you and your DH and for all those who fight for the freedom of our country!


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