A prayer sub-forum?


Could it be possible that we could have a sub-forum for prayer intentions? That way prayer threads don’t get closed. They aren’t all put into one very long thread. And they get the attention they rightly deserve-out in the open where everyone can each one.


There is one, “Prayer Requests”. Its a sub-forum in the Spirituality forum.


Right now each seperate prayer intention is one thread that is continually built on. I would like to see the individual prayer intention in their own individual thread. I think it would get more attention. that is why I would like a prayer intention forum so people can go there to read peoples individual threads asking for prayer.


we already have one, on the spirituality forum


Not what I’m talking about. I am talking about a sub-forum LIKE vocations, spirituality, etc.


Yes I agree with you Jenlyn. What you are saying makes alot of sense. It’s true that prayer requests are getting buried under a mountain of other prayer requests in the Prayer request thread that exists at present. If each prayer request had it’s own thread within a Forum called Prayer Requests then each prayer could be viewed, prayed for and people could keep track of any developments members posted up in respect of their request.

Your idea is excellent and I’d support this.

I hope your idea is taken up by CAF.:slight_smile:


This can still be done and is done in our prayer request thread which already exists in The Spirituality Forum…:slight_smile:


I just simply don’t have the time to scroll through 5 pages of one thread and read through and sift them all and try and remember which I have read and haven’t read aside from reading through other people’s comments on different prayer requests. In a forum threads are marked as read and you can see just by holding your mouse over the title of a thread some of the content of that thread. It is better organised and easier and therefore I for one would be able to make more petitions for different people. Plus that thread is so large it takes ages for the page to open and move through pages.

I think Jenlyns idea is good and great common sense.

Just my one cent though.


I think each prayer request deserves it’s own thread. People can check in to see how it going which is easier to go through then trying to follow through the one thread where they are all meshed and blended together.

One prayer thread is too daunting and time consuming.

If I pray for someone, I have to comb through all the other prayers and comments made to find the one that I am praying for.

I just think that prayer is VERY important and that it deserves it’s own place hear at CAF.:thumbsup:


I did not see anything in the forum rules that deny linking to an authorized site, so I thought it might help the reader understand what Jen is talking about if you take a peek [here:](“http://forum.catholic.org/viewforum.php? f=47&sid=b22c5b4c4b2cf1059ab82ca3ce347386”)

It helps to follow the individual petitioner’s request rather than scroll through pages where all of the requests are combined.

My vote is “yes.”


Just think …while you are combing through all of the other intentions…you could be praying for them as well…:wink:


Another thought to consider …

I have seen many requests come through this main spirituality forum, possibly because the petitioner felt an urgent need and that might go unnoticed in the general line of petitions. Ms. Grant has had to close these individual threads and move them on many occasions. With their own sub-forum, people would be able to express their problem a bit more freely and have confidence that the request will be seen.

When the prayer has been answered, there is freedom to return to the thread and thank those who prayed, and who also wondered how the situation turned out. Thanksgiving and praise to God will then be shared by both petitioner and pray-er.


Excellent point, Joysong!:thumbsup:


I don’t understand why it has to be difficult when it can be made easy.:confused: …force of habit and attachment to old ways perhaps???


The “old way” use to be where people would put their prayer intentions in the spirituality forum. Everyone would be able to track the different prayer threads. The spiriuality forum was the only forum. There wasn’t a popular media, book club, and so on. Just spirituality.

Now they are lumped into one thread.

It would be nice to go back to the old way but under a new prayer request forum.:thumbsup:


Sounds like a great idea! It would make it a lot easier to keep up with the individuals we pray for, and make it feel more personal.


**Here are the problems with creating a separate prayer sub-forum:**1) It would greatly increase the number of threads I have to moderate.2) The threads tend to need a great amount of moderation because people put personal information (like last names, parish names, addresses, hospital names) of other people who have not given their permission for the information to be made public.3) The threads tend to stray well beyond prayers for the intention into advice for the person, apologetics, historical debates, and other content that is more appropriate in the other forums.4) It would create another forum I have to moderate without any greater compensation for the work.

**I am willing to do a trial period if you will agree to the following:**1) Stick to the rules concerning posting other people’s personal information.2) Keep to the topic of the forum (prayers for specific intentions, and only prayers for specific intentions) and redirect people to the appropriate forums if they are seeking anything else (family advice, apologetics questions, questions about prayer, etc)3) Use the Bad Post Report triangle to quickly and politely alert me to any deviation from the above that requires moderator intervention, so that I can rely on you to self-moderate, allowing me to not read every post to every thread.In short, if you want the sub-forum, I am willing to allow it. You, the regular posters there, will have to be my eyes and ears to make it work smoothly.

If it becomes a repository for random conversations about advice in the family, career, spiritual, and physical realms, or if every thread becomes so personal that I am required to constantly edit out other people’s information, it will quickly be folded back into the current format.



Could it be titled Prayer Requests? That way the intention is clear.

With a Sticky titled at the top of the forum:

Note from Mod-No posting personal info!

And one more sticky:

Note from Mod-Prayer requests only!

With these stickies at the top, maybe that will help people with what to say and not to say since it’s right there and no one needs to click it to read the info you want to get across.

Just ideas…use them as you like.:thumbsup:


Dear Catherine

Thank you or taking up Jenlyn’s idea.

Hopefully it will help to stop some of your work of moving prayer requests into the prayer request thread that were posted into Spirituality. People will now spot the Prayer Request Forum and will not feel like they have to ‘highlight’ their prayer request as every single one will have their own thread.

Lovely job Catherine. Thank you.:slight_smile:


We’ve created a trial sub-forum titled Prayer Intentions to see if this will work. Catherine will be the mod.

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