A pregnant man?

This is just so wrong on so many levels.



It’s not a man, it’s a woman with her breasts cut off and body pumped full of hormones.

Why is it that if I go around telling people I am a banana, I’ll be sent to a mental institution, but if I go around telling people that I don’t have an X chromosome, everyone follows along with it?

You always have an Xchromosome regardless if you are male female or trans. There is no YY, XYY yes but no YY. hehehehehe

If you don’t have an X-Chromosome you’re not human … that explains a lot :rotfl:

LOL, doh. Anyway, it’s still absurd.

that’s not the “pregnant” man that is the guy from little britain! :shrug:

I thought it would better demonstrate the absurdity of the whole idea.

“I am a laaady!” :rolleyes:

So never judge a book by its cover
Or who you gonna love by your lover
Love put me wise to her love in disguise
She had the body of Venus
Lord imagine my surprise

Dude looks like a lady…

What a funky lady
She like it like it like it like that
He was a lady

Aerosmith - Dude Looks Like A Lady

What a mixed up female she is… As far as I am concerned she is still female. That is what God put her on earth to be, that is what she will be in the end…

So why not include the photo from the article? It would at least have been accurate, rather than a photo of some transvestite on a comedy show.

Honestly, if you reject the idea of sex change then there is no controversy about this pregnancy. From the Church’s point of view, no sex change ever took place so it really isn’t a man being pregnant, just another woman.

LOL ok i forgot that the character said that HA!

I caught this on the news when I walked in from work–all I have to say is…huh? Am I a man if I paint a mustache on, take male hormones, bandage my breasts so no one can tell while I’m fully dressed, that I am female, and wear my husband’s suit around town? I have the utmost compassion for transgendered people–after seeing many documentaries, etc, I can’t imagine what it must be like to be so mentally/emotionally distrought with one’s own gender/body. And, I just feel awful for those who make the irreversible decision when it comes to reassignment surgery.

But, to call yourself something that you can truly never be–what, are we redefining gender now? :confused: If you are capable of becoming pregnant – you are a woman. Period. You may look like a man fully dressed, but you are female. My prayers go out to him, and all who suffer from this transgender disorder.:frowning:

Except the whole “man” calling another woman “his” wife. Oh, and the transgendered issue in its entirety. But other than that, you’re right, no controversy at all. :rolleyes:

If “he” was capable of having a baby–there was no sex change. Having one’s breasts removed is not a sex change.

I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s not a man, it’s a woman with facial hair and mutilated breasts. Sad and disturbing, like a circus side show.

The real issue is why do they refer to this person as a man? It’s crazy psychobabble and wordplay. This is nothing more than a '1984’ish bastardization of the word ‘man’.

Here’s a photo for those who were wanting to see what this person looks like:


From what I understand, many FTM (female to male) transsexuals just get the “top surgery”, because of the expense of “bottom surgery” and because of the poor state of the art for genital reconstruction.

Seven years ago, a movie called “Southern Comfort” won the Grand Jury Prize for documentaries at the Sundance Film Festival. It was about Robert Eads, dying from ovarian cancer, and the difficulty he had finding doctors who would provide him care.

Agreed. (Not with the circus side show comment lol)–but with everything else. Bottom line is that are we just the sum total of what we look like fully dressed? Or partially dressed? Is that it? Am I a woman because I wear a skirt and nail polish? It just seems odd that this is becoming the definition of what ‘gender’ is nowadays.:shrug:

when willa film about a family with a mother father (gendered if that is the word) and their normal children win an award at any festival ? probably never

That’s wild.

Can you imagine how confused that kid is gonna be?

“Mommy, Teacher said that babies come out of mommies. So why did I come out of daddy? Why did all the other kids look at me funny when I said that I came from daddy?”

Honestly…I’d rather see this then have science come up with a way to make actual genetically male humans pregnant. At least “his” body is performing the functions God originally intended it to. :shrug:

I can neither become pregnant, nor impregnate a woman. What does that make me? Surely there is more to it than womb, and no womb. Are all sterile people neuter? That sort of statement implies such. The world has no absolutes, there is nothing but grey I think.

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