A pregnant man?

Kids that age tend to think you can switch, it won’t bother them at all. I am very androgynous at times when around extended family, my niece calls me uncle or aunt, or just ‘silly!’. She has no concept of difference or oddity of my gender presentation, she just knows that I am a sibling of her father, and that’s all that matters

God never intended for men to be pregnant.

This is just so wrong on so many levels. Mutilated humans are a sad, and defiant sight.

You have a physical reason for being as you are. The person in the article is still physically a female so the title of the article was misleading.

I am hopeful you know I make the distinction for people who are born as hermaphrodites. I’m very familiar with that genetic disorder, and this is not the same thing. So, I understand your sentiments, but I am not speaking of hermaphrodites–or people who are sterile, in the general sense of the word.

Men cannot have babies…this isn’t a man having a baby. It’s a woman who is altering her appearance to appear like a man, having a baby. The person himself must live in a state of utter confusion to see ‘himself’ as a man having a baby, when he chose to abandon being identified as a woman. Basically, one cannot choose to be both genders when convenient.

Again–this isn’t talking about hermaphrodites, people born with sex organs from both genders.

Hermaphrodites is an old, insulting term, please don’t use it.

What is the name for your specific condition. I do not want to use a term that includes both people with a physical problems and those who have a mental disorder. There must be a way to differentiate the two.

I apologize–I was not aware of that.
I will rephrase–I’m hopeful that you know I wasn’t implying that the person in this story, is in the same circumstance as yours. I have read your posts on here, pathia, and I realize that you have an entirely diferent situation than this person.

What I find harmful in saying that much in in life (like this circumstance) is grey–is that the person in this story, is choosing to call upon his feminine traits, when convenient. That is more of the sadness of this story than anything. It is not for me to judge people who have struggles in this life, with whatever they are going through. We all have struggles.The problem here is that if he identifies himself as a man, he shouldn’t be using his female organs, out of convenience. That rather cheapens our value as human beings–that we pick one day what we identify with, and the next, because that choice isn’t convenient, we revert back to what we were ‘given.’ Obviously, these are choices he is making. If he doesn’t see himself as a woman any longer–his decision to become pregnant, looks like one born out of convenience. I can only imagine the torment someone like this person is going through–to say you identify with one thing, yet you revert back to how you were born after you make a choice to transition your gender, much be a tragic way to live one’s life. :frowning:

Bear in mind that there is an entire industry dedicated to convincing these troubled souls that what they need is not God, but someone to cut off their inconvenient parts.

Google ‘John Money’ and see. And at times, our taxes pay for these mutilations.

I’d like to think that surgeons have compassion, and are doing these surgeries out of concern for their patients’ well being…and these patients have undergone serious long term mental analysis, before being considered for surgery. That being said, because the surgery is irreversible, it’s a huge risk to take, especially as can be seen in this case–the person would potentially have regretted having ‘his’ female organs removed.

The proper term is intersex. Hermaphrodite has been in disuse for over a decade now.

Regarding why it is insensitive and insulting. Hermaphrodite brings to mind fertility and functionality in both sexes. It is also associated with pagan religions and fertility rituals.

Intersexed people in the real world are almost inherently like me, completely barren, sterile and irreversibly so from birth. Being compared to a fertility deity is not exactly…comforting.

“He” isnt a man;)

I hear the Chili’s in my town is hiring. :rolleyes:

I was one of his patients in the late 70s. :shrug: At least I turned out ok… I think. :stuck_out_tongue:

My condition was that I was born without any reproductive organs (save for two pea-sized “things” that never formed after the 3rd month). That’s about all I remember of what my mom told me from years ago.

Anyway, as far as the topic goes - “he” is still a she, even if she chemically altered her appearance. The thing is, what if someone switched their gender, and never told their spouse that they were really of the opposite gender? That would be bound to cause problems…

I could see why this would be troubling to you.

I think this article appropriately states the situation in its title:


Oregon Woman Who Said She Had Sex Change Now Claims ‘He’s’ Pregnant

From the article: “…they refuse to call me by a male pronoun…”

Um, because she’s (allegedly, the neighbors don’t think so) pregnant, and men can’t get pregnant, so if someone is pregnant that person is by defination a “she”. Simple biology. Get over it. You can’t have it both ways. And you can’t whine about being treated differently when you did this to yourself. This woman made herself of freak of nature, and wants to get upset because receptionists laugh at her, and oh no, horror of horrors, some doctors actually have RELIGIOUS CONVICTIONS and refuse to violate them. That line there made me think this couple is getting ready to run to the ACLU, and that this pregnancy could very well be a hoax (like their neighbors believe) to make loads of money off of all the “intolerant bigots” who are refusing to treat them like just another couple. But I’m cynical like that.

In Christ,


I guess I am, too.

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