A Priest, a pastor and a rabbi

…all testified before Congress in 2012. They pleaded with the Government to protect religious freedom. The issue persists.

*WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Friday announced that it would again address a clash between religious freedom and access to contraception.

The case concerns regulations under President Obama’s health care law that require most employers to provide free insurance coverage for contraceptives to female workers. The regulations say the insurance must cover preventive services, including all forms of contraception approved for women by the Food and Drug Administration.

The case is the court’s second encounter with the contraception requirement and its fourth consideration of an aspect of the health care law, the Affordable Care Act.

Houses of worship, including churches, temples and mosques, are automatically exempt from the contraceptive coverage requirement and do not have to file any paperwork. The new case concerns a second category of institutions — *nonprofit groups like schools and hospitals that are affiliated with religious organizations.

Read more: nytimes.com/2015/11/07/us/politics/supreme-court-health-care-contraception-coverage.html?_r=0

How will this affect your religion’s nonprofit groups?

Hopefully their decision is rendered better than the Hobby Lobby one was. Last time their decision was so poorly worded that they ended up giving major corporations de facto status as human beings. Still waiting for Congress to overturn that debacle.

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