A priest married to a psychic?


Okay, I was watching “A Haunting” today on the discovery channel and saw something odd. (For all those that don’t know, “A Haunting” is about places having paranormal experiences and the owners attempts to alleviate the supposed hauntings) They were going to do an excorcism on this house and on a little boy that they thought was possessed, and the program described the priest as a “individual Roman Catholic priest” He was MARRIED! :eek: His wife was a psychic. :eek: :eek: He was wearing the collar and the usual black shirt and pants that you see priests wearing, along with doing a minor rite of excorcism. Is there such a thing? I got really confused. Still am really.


There are all sorts of disobedient priests.


Sounds like Johannas Greber.

He and his wife ‘translated’ the new testament with the help of ‘spirit guides’. The Watchtower Society used them as support for their rendering of John 1:1, until they discovered his link to spiritism and stopped quoting his translation.


Is he still a priest? Or layciazied (I seriously cannot spell)


It is possible for a priest in the Latin rite to be married. (Like when a protestant minister converts to Catholicism) However it is very rare.

You wouldn’t get me near a disobedient priest performing an exorcism.

Priest: Therefore, I adjure you every unclean spirit, every spectre from hell, every satanic power, in the name of Jesus

Demon: Your God doesn’t know you anymore. You have no authority.

Very dangerous…


Are you sure he was supposed to be Roman Catholic? He might have been Anglican Catholic.

Plenty of people who don’t know better confuse the two, especially since many Anglicans consider themselves to be just another branch of Catholicism.


They said “individual Roman Catholic priest” in the show…and they did a roman rite of excorcism…


There is no such thing as “an individualized Roman Catholic Priest”…I am sure this man could cal himself Santa Claus or anything he wants , still doesn’t make it so - a Catholic Priest he is not. It would be great if you could finds out the name of the episode, I think discovery Channel should be aware of false claims as such…we have enough on our plate defending the Church against incorrect beliefs regarding the Church’s teachings as it is, we don’t need their help.


Name, location, diocese?


I was trying to find out online about this…I saw an episode of “Paranormal State” where they contacted a medium and her husband, who appeared to be a priest was also dressed in a priest collar. The closest I got was Dr. Wayne Knoll, a former Jesuit priest, and his wife, spiritualist Anne Gehman, who have their own spiritualist church. In the episode, they performed an exorcist on a teen.

Yeah, something feels fishy here.


“**individual **Roman Catholic priest” translates to “**not **an **actual **Roman Catholic priest in good standing”.

Without more details it’s hard to know if he is a priest in a schismatic group, a Catholic priest who abandoned his post to get married (with or without proper permission from Rome… I suspect without), or what.

It is possible that he is validly ordained, which as you know means he is a priest forever. However, I am sure that he is exercising any faculties of his illicitly as any ordained priest who subsequently gets married would be stripped of those faculties.


I really wish I could remember the name of the episode. I have been looking for it, but none of the “episode descriptions” describe the priest…if I see it again, I will take good notes.


ACK! The gall of that priest (well, ex-priest) to be so very, very disobedient!

It is possible, though rare, for priests in good standing to be married. There’s one in my diocese who was a Protestant minister who married and had several children before he converted; obviously the Church wouldn’t call him to divorce his wife and leave his kids.

But that is clearly not the case for this man, who has so flippantly decided that he’s going to ignore the call to single life, and furthermore marry someone who is at best naive and at worst possessed! Why anyone with ANY respect for the Church would do that is beyond me!


I believe the rule is that if a priest is laicized he may not function as a priest canonically, but he is still a priest forever. Many priests who “left” in the 1960s and after and went through the laicization process married. This chap may be one of those - totally disobedient, I might add, and totally wrong, but still a priest.


**He could have been a convert from another denomination, such as Anglicanism or Episcopal. But that TV show has a knack for deception. I don’t take anything it says seriously. And why he would bring his so-called ‘psychic’ wife along with him to perform an exorcism is very much suspect. **


He could have been one of those guys from “Rent-A-Priest”. They are Catholic priests that have left the active ministry to marry.


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