A "priest" on "Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?"

I waited over 5o minutes to see a priest on Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader.
They had a rabbi on before him.

Turns out it wasn an EPISCOPAL priest (So not even a real priest). :shrug:

Did anyone else watch it?

You’d think they would have a Catholic priest, as Catholicism is a more “popular” Christianity.

turns out it wasn an EPISCOPAL priest (So not even a real priest).

I didn’t watch it but you gave me a good laugh with this. :smiley:

Major let down huh?

God bless

I watched it only because there was nothing better on. Was a bit let down that it wasnt a Catholic Priest but as long as he is getting the word of God out to others outside this game show it didnt matter to me after giving a few thoughts about it.

I have to know; how did the Rabbi do?

I don’t know… But not wanting to go off topic. If you’ll pardon my ignorance what is a reformist jew?

The largest Jewish denomination in North America, essentially liberal Jews. We allow intermarriage, homosexuals, recognize patrilineal decent, and have a relatively easy conversion process. A lot of us don’t believe in the divine authorship of the Torah.

But let me pull out a book:

"What do Reform Jews Believe today? How do Reform Jews observe Jewish religion? Leaders of Reform Jewry gave this answer in the Spring 1997 issue of Reform Judaism magazine:

If anyone were to attempt to answer these two questions authoritatively for all Reform Jews, that person’s answers would have to be false. Why? Because one of the guiding principals of Reform Judaism is the autonomy of the individual. A Reform Jew has the right to decide whether to subscribe to this particular belief or to that particular practice.

But there is a historic body of beliefs and practices that is recognized as Jewish. We Jews have survived centuries of exile and persecution as well as centuries of unparalleled spiritual and intellectual creativity because we have always thought of ourselves as people created in the image of God, dedicated to Tikkun Olam—the improvement of the world…

We Reform Jews are heirs to a vast body of beliefs and practices embodied in Torah and the other Jewish sacred writings. We differ from more ritually observant Jews because we recognize that our sacred heritage has evolved and adapted over the centuries and that it must continue to do so…

Reform Judaism accepts and encourages pluralism. Judaism has never demanded uniformity of belief or practice. But we must never forget that whether we are Reform, Conservative, Reconstructionist, or Orthodox, we are all an essential part of K’lal Yesroel–the worldwide community of Jewry."

-Rabbi Benjamin Blech
The Complete Idiots Guide to Understanding Judaism

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