A private vow on attending Mass today

Would changing this vow commute it to a greater good?

Here’s the background: I promised I would go to Mass today, but for external reasons which were greater than I originally anticipated, going today would be quite a bit of work and cause more discord with others in my life than I originally thought.

If instead of going today I went tomorrow and the next day (two days instead of one) would that commute it to a greater good?

It does not need to be a greater good.

A person who made the pv can commute it to a “equal” or greater good.

I would suggest limiting such Private Vows. Or discuss with a good confessor etc. Sometimes people can get carried away or make vows -were it would be better in the case not to make such.

I agree, yet it happened…:blush:

You’re right about it being ok to commute it to an equal good. I’m just making sure thats what I’d be doing…

If I vowed to goto mass on Tues - and something came up - I would think commuting it to Weds would be equal. It is the Mass. Now you vowed to fly to Rome for the Mass with Pope Francis - well that would be perhaps a different matter. But it would seem to me that commuting going to Mass on Thursday instead of Weds would be concerning an equal good.

Ok, great! I also promised to go to a specific parish but going to my home parish is actually probably equal/better…great priest…I know it’s a good Mass and it’s closer,etc…just thinking out loud…

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