A Problem With Being A Young Catholic in a Baptist Family


Dear brothers and sisters,

I am the only practicing Catholic in my family. I was baptized a Catholic as an infant, but later was raised a Southern Baptist when my nominal Catholic mother married my step-dad. I later discovered the historicity and Biblical nature of Catholicism and reverted to the Church in '08.

I am dealing now with a question which relates to me being the only Catholic in my family.

My mother is pretty involved in the little Baptist “church” I used to be a part of. She is teaching music in their VBS this year. My little brother (an unbaptized Baptist) and I were “recruited” by my father to help my mother with setting up for VBS.

My problems is that I am not sure whether helping my mother set up for a Baptist VBS is sinful or not. Much of the purpose of VBS at the “church” I spoke of is to get children “saved.” I find these notions heretical and fear that heresies may be being taught at the VBS.

I assumed since my father basically has ordered us to help her (in lieu of the usual work we do with him in the garage) I need not fear any sin since I am simply obeying my parent’s orders.

But then I thought, shouldn’t I protest this? But the fact then hit me that if I do question this, it would be very difficult for me to share the reasons that I protest to it (at least that I am afraid to share the reasons with my parents). I also figure that my obstinancy, should I exhibit it, might damage my father and mother’s view of the Church even more since they would see her as being unecumenical or something of that sort.

I am going to ask my priest about this when I go to confession today, however I also wanted to get some extra input to help me better think about this.

Thanks in advance.


Tough spot!

First off, wow, it is incredible that you found your way back home to the Church! History and the bible really don’t leave much of an option anywhere else, I agree. :slight_smile:

When you say “young Catholic”, do you mean still a minor living with your parents? If so, then yes, you should obey them. First try and explain that it really goes against your conscience, and ask if there is something you can do at home as a chore to replace this obligation. If the answer is no, then at least try and make lemons out of lemonade.

Luckily you are only being asked to “set up” which is probably easier to take then if you were expected to teach or take part in any doctrinal aspects that you know to be false. So I say, go ahead and help set up. Since you will be doing labor, I suggest bringing along a headset…tape, cd, mp3 player, whatever you use these days and listen to a recording of the Rosary (I recommend the Father Groschel one, you get on ewtn.com I believe) and just pray along with the intention of everyone who encounters the VBS coming to know Christ and his Church fully someday. If you don’t have access to listening tools you can bring alone, at least pray the Rosay silently with the same intention, or even the Divine Mercy chaplet.

This is a tough spot, so I will defintely say a prayer that you might bring the fullness of truth to those around you. God Bless!!!


I have many friends whom are not Catholic, and we all have our views and most of them do not like the Catholic church, I respect their opinions and feelings. I just pray for them may GOD continue blessing them…My father reunites on a weekly basis with Jahova’s witnesses, and they have gotten into pretty dramatic conversations but soon after my father let them know that they are always invited in their home as long as the conversations are about GOD and and the pure love of GOD for us and not the differences of their Bibles…

So far they haven’t stopped by for a while…They used to and my father said their conversations were great, they would even share dinners together and things like that…It was a blessing to share you know?!

I went and attended my aunts Christian church before, I love my Catholic church and wouldn’t trade it for the world. One of my friends had a Christian party and we were invited we went it was great! The kids had fun and everything. One of our friend’s is Catholic and after attending that party said he wanted to change religions because of the great party that church threw and asked why our church doesn’t do that…When I explained that why should it matter whom throws a party or not, he can do that on his own, doesn’t need a congregation to do so to get his attention, the point is that we are Catholics to follow in Christ, praise the Lord and be there for our brother’s and sisters…Pray and attend Mass to be with GOD…He said “good point!”

As long as you know where your heart is and keep to your faith, GOD will always be with you… no matter what. You are helping your parents not hurting anyone nor committing any sin from where I can read…Just pray for them and if things start getting weird speak with your priest about it…Through GOD, your priest should be able to guide you in a better direction…

I have helped in a couple of friend’s churches before, doesn’t mean I turned away from my Catholic faith, I was just sharing in the love of Christ…just in a different building…:thumbsup:


How old are you? If you are still a minor, then yes, you owe your parents obedience, since what they are asking you is not sinful (terribly misguided, but not sinful). If you are an adult still living at home, you can stand your ground if you think you are ready to grow up overnight if necessary. If you don’t live at home anymore, you owe them honor, not obedience.


It’s been my experience that VBS, whether at a Catholic church or a Protestant church really only covers material that would include what most Christian faiths agree on. Usually it doesn’t get too far beyond God’s love for us. I doubt that you will be called upon to promote heresy.


That has been my experience with VBS, when my children attended them at Protestant churches (Because no Catholic churches had them at the time). When I signed them up I asked what they taught, and it was all basic stuff–Noah and the Ark and Jesus loves me kind of stuff. I never had a problem with them, but, as I said, I checked out the cirriculum first. Our parish now has a VBS in conjunction with the Presbyterian church up the street, and they choose standard programs that teach the basics we all agree on, nothing more. If the church is using one of these standard programs there is not much to worry about. I also volunteered at one one summer and there was no heresy taught.

The specifics of doctrine and theology were taught at Sunday School/ religious ed classes, not VBS.


“saved” is a funny term. We as Catholics are “saved” too…but by our baptism and by constant prayer to God. We, too, must choose to accept Jesus as savior. While protestants carry about it in a way that may be incorrect, and condemn innocent people to hell, I don’t think its wrong to act within their ranks if a parent asks you to. Infact, you can be a good example of a Catholic to them even if no-one knows you are.


I think it’s a good way to witness your Faith to them.


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