A problem with using the old calendar [Fr. Z]

http://www.aref.de/kalenderblatt/2001/pics/maximilian-kolbe2.jpgYesterday, which in the old calendar was the Vigil of the Assumption, was in the new calendar St. Maximillian Kolbe.

It is hard to know how those using the old calendar would celebrate the feast of St. Maximillian.

Some people, I am one of them, are concerned that the calendars don’t match.

Yesterday, a possible solution suggested itself.

http://farm1.static.flickr.com/146/435144768_fca0c16530.jpg?v=0When I used the old calendar yesterday, for the Vigil, there was a second set of prayers to recite for the commemoration of St. Eusebius.

Perhaps a solution to the calendar problem would be to produce a new old Missal, with adjustments and additions such that on days like the Vigil of the Assumption the commemoration could be that of St. Maximillian, such an important 20th c. saint. It was ever the practice of the Church to adjust the calendar, removing and adding feasts as needs arose.

In any event, today, in addition to the glorious feast of the Assumption, is also the feast of St. Tarcisius. I don’t think we need to bump the Queen of all saints for any saint, however!

Other saints share this day with the Mother of God’s feast. Consequently they are somewhat overlooked, though I am sure they don’t knind in the least! We can give them some due attention. Here is his entry in the Martyrologium Romanum for St. Tarcisius: 2. Romae in coemeterio Callisti via Appia, commemoratio sancti Tarcisii, martyris, qui, Christi defendens sacratissimam Eucharistiam, quam insana gentilium turba profanare conabatur, lapidibus usque ad mortem mactari maluit quam sacra prodere canibus. … At Rome in the cemetery of Callistus on the Via Appia, the commemoration of Saint Tarcisius, martyr, who while defending the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Eucharist, which a raging gang of gentiles was trying to profane, preferred to be slaughtered by being stoned to death rather than that sacred things be given to dogs.

This reminds me of the great Sequence for Corpus Christi by St. Thomas Aquinas *… “non mittendus canibus”.

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