A processional chant


At your church, instead of an Entrance Hymn being sung, is a processional chant used?


Only when there’s a procession :wink:

The monks usually process in from the side door from the ambulatory to the choir section while the introit is chanted. The side door is about mid-way down the ambulatory.

However on some special occasions, they process down the ambulatory to the back of the church, enter the narthex and then process up the central aisle in the nave, to the choir. In those circumstances they sing a processional chant. A recent example was this past Thursday, which was the solemnity celebrating the 20th anniversary of the dedication of the church as well as the 102nd anniversary of the foundation of the monastery. Other occasions are the Easter morning Mass or the Palm Sunday Mass; in those cases the chants come from the Graduale Romanum. On other occasions, from the Processionale Monasticum.


The first thing we sing is the Asperges Me or Vidi Aquam.


Yes. Sometimes the men while sing the Introit instead of a hymn.


No, but I wish it would be required for churches that have capable choirs. It seriously adds on maybe 30 seconds (if you’re doing it in addition to a hymn, which works quite well) and the introits usually fit in very well thematically with the Mass of the day.


Tonight I joined the cantor of a different parish for the first time and we chanted the Introit as the priest aproached the altar. I suppose we would do this at our parish as well since there is no Asperges outside of Sundays.


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