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The PromisedMessiah 1835-1908 describes in his book “Jesus in India” as to how the prophecy of Jesus as mentioned in Matthew 16:28 was fulfilled: alislam.org/library/books/jesus-in-india/index.html

And among the testimonies of the gospel which have reached us is the verse of Matthew, namely: ‘Verily I say unto you, there be some standing here which shall not taste of death, till they see the Son of man coming in his kingdom.’ Likewise, the verse in John: ‘Jesus saith unto him, if I will that he (i.e., the disciple, John) tarry (i.e., in Jerusalem) till I come.’ This means: ‘If I will, John will not die till I come again’. These verses show with great clarity that Jesus (peace be on him) had made a promise that some people would continue to live till his return; among these he had named John.

So the fulfillment of this promise was inevitable. Accordingly, even Christians have admitted that in order that the prophecy may be taken to have been fulfilled, Jesus’ coming at a time when some of the people of that age were still alive was inevitable, so that the prophecy should have been fulfilled according to its promise. This is the basis of the clergyman’s declaration that Jesus, in accordance with his promise, had come to Jerusalem at the time of its destruction and that John had seen him, as he was alive at that time.

But let it be noted that Christians do not say that Jesus really came down from heaven accompanied by appointed signs; they rather say that he appeared to John as in a vision, that he might fulfill his prophecy contained in verse 28 of chapter 16 of Matthew. But I say that coming of this kind does not fulfill the prophecy. That is a very weak interpretation which only avoids with difficulty the criticism leveled against this position.

This interpretation is patently untenable and wrong, so much so, that there is no need to refute it, for if Jesus had to appear to anyone in a dream or a vision, a prophecy of this kind would be ridiculous. In such manner Jesus had also appeared to Paul long before this. It appears that the prophecy contained in verse 28 of chapter 16 of Matthew has caused a panic among the padres and they have not been able to give it a rational meaning in accordance with their own beliefs, for it was difficult for them to say that Jesus at the time of the sacking of Jerusalem had descended from heaven in glory, and that like the lightning that lights up all heaven and is seen by everybody, all had seen him; and also it was not easy for them to ignore the statement, namely: Some of those who were standing here will not taste death till they have seen the Son of man coming in his Kingdom. Therefore, as a result of a laboured interpretation they believed in the fulfilment of the prophecy in the shape of a vision. But this is not true; righteous servants of God always appear in visions to the elect and for a vision it is not even necessary that they should appear only in a dream; nay, they can be seen even in the waking state; I myself have experienced such phenomena.

I have seen Jesus (on whom be peace) many a time in Kashf (vision in the waking state), and I have met some of the prophets, while fully awake; I have also seen our Chief, Master and Leader, the Prophet Muhammad (may peace and the blessings of God be upon him) many a time in the waking state, and I have talked to him – in such a clear state of waking that sleep or drowsiness had nothing to do with it. I have also met some of the dead at their graves or other places, while awake; and have talked to them. I very well know that such meeting with the dead in the waking state is possible; not only can we meet; we can also talk, and even have a handshake. Between this and the ordinary state of waking there is not difference in such an experience; one realizes that one is in this very world; one has the same ears, the same eyes, and the same tongue; but deeper reflection reveals a different universe.

The world has no realization of this sort of experience, for the world lives a life of indifference. This experience is a gift from heaven; it is for those who are endowed with new senses. This is a fact – actual and true. Therefore, when Jesus appeared to John after the destruction of Jerusalem, though he was seen by the latter in the waking state, and though there may have been some talk and a hand-shake, nevertheless, the incident has nothing to do with the prophecy.

Such phenomena often happen in the world; and even now, if I devote some attention to it, I can, with the grace of God, in the waking state, see Jesus or some other holy prophet. Such a meeting does not fulfill the prophecy (contained in Matthew, chapter 16, verse 28).

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So, what actually happened was that Jesus knew that he would be saved from the Cross and would migrate to another land, that God would neither let him die nor would take him away from this world, so long as he had not seen the destruction of the Jews with his own eyes, and that he would not die so long as the fruits of the Kingdom, which the spiritually eminent are given by heaven, were not realised. Jesus made this prophecy so that he might give an assurance to the disciples that, presently they would see the signs that those who had raised the sword against him would be killed with the sword during his own life-time and in his very presence.

If, therefore, evidence is of any value there is for Christians no evidence greater than this: that Jesus with his own tongue makes the prophecy that some of them would still be alive when he would come again.

It should be noticed that the gospels contain two kinds of prophecies about the coming of Jesus: (1) The promise of his coming in the latter days; his coming is of a spiritual character, and resembles the second coming of the prophet Elijah, in the time of Jesus. So, like Elijah, he has already appeared in this age; and it is I, the writer; a servant of humanity, who has come as the Promised Messiah, in the name of Jesus (on whom be peace). Jesus has given the news of my coming in the gospels. Blessed is he who, out of respect for Jesus, ponders with honesty and truth over my coming, and thus saves himself from stumbling. (2) The other kind of prophecies regarding the second coming of Jesus mentioned in the gospels have, in reality, been mentioned as evidence of the life which, by the grace of God, remained intact during the experience of the Cross; God saved His eminent servant from death on the Cross, as the prophecy just now mentioned implies – Christians are in error in mixing up these two contexts: because of this, they are confused and have to face many difficulties. In short, the verse in chapter 16 of Matthew is a very important piece of evidence in support of Jesus’ escape from the Cross.




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So, Paarsurrey, you’re contrasting one prophecy (I should say, your interpretation of it) against several other prophecies about Jesus being killed, against Jesus’ own words (as recounted by eyewitnesses instead of somebody thousands of miles away), against historical reality of sure death on a Roman cross, and against what His followers and eyewitnesses (both Christian, Jewish and other) believed and died for?


This is something I have never understood. If Jesus’ followers knew he was not God, but merely a prophet as Muslims claim, why did they go joyfully to their deaths proclaiming Him God?


That is what convinced me He really was God and why I am a Catholic Christian today, rather than an atheist.

It is also why I could never have considered Islam, because if Jesus wasn’t God, then he was a liar and not worthy to be believed and followed, whiich means that Islam would have to be a fraud as well.


Paarsurrey, you’ve chosen a really weird way to commemorate 9/11. Anyway, this is a good place to find help. Catholics have plenty of experience sorting out false seers. Peruse this website to learn all about discernment:

Apparition Discernment

We’ve pounded all the bible verses with the Protestants for the past 500 years. They’ve despaired of getting through to us, and so should you. :wink: Try getting straight on whose book is authentic:

The Call of the Minaret

Glad to share the teaching authority of the Church with you. :console:


I thought Jesus knew He would suffer and die on the cross and then rise from the dead. Silly me.



You are welcome to differ with me but with reasonable and rational arguments being impartial and leaving blind thinking behind.



So our belief is just blind thinking? You think I am not intelligent enough to explore my own religion? I’m not a sheep that just blindly follows something, I’ve explored my options (even though I am a cradle Catholic) and found the truth to be in the Roman Catholic Church.


Do you or do you not regard the 53+ years of Mohammeds life?
His actions and what he did?



well if you are a cradle Catholic that is fine with me. I think every Catholic has to be like sheep if he/she believes the truthful ProphetMessenger Jesus, who called himself a shephard and was sent to the lost sheep of Israel. May be you are not from the Jewish line, as Jesus was so that is why you don’t consider yourself one.

May GodAllahYHWH bless you being a Catholic, I am not here to convert you anywhere else, be a steadfast Catholic. Just have some wings of research added to you and enjoy your life.




As you know I am presently writing Muhammads’s life account in Mecca in a thread here, so that is why presently I prefer to discuss that with my friend here. When I am finished with that then I would , God willing, write his unblemished and marvellous life account at Medina , for which you shall have to do a little waiting. That also gives a respite to all of my friends here to prepare for that, so that they shall not have to say that they have have been taken aback.

At Medina he accomplished what he had to do also in support of Jesus, but that I will state then.

Presently kindly concentrate and mark any Catholic or Orthodox whom Muhammad converted to his religion with sword, or who was held back forcibly or killed for apostasy as I have mentioned in my earlier post.



Its just a simple yes or no answer… please…


Paarsurrey, my question was not a rhetorical one, and I’d like to hear your comments regarding it.
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There is a very reasonable and rational argument behind the post you referred to: The bible, who speaks of Jesus knowledge of his suffering, dead and resurrection. Just for example: Matt 16,21; 17,22f ; 20,18f etc. etc.

But why do I have this strange feeling in my little toe that not much good will come out of this thread…?



I have been writing on these subjects for quite sometimes here. Please read my posts in the forum, I am sure you would find my comments.




Let us hope for the best.



Because like a number of Moslems here paarsurrey believes that it’s only reasonable if you agree with his position. He tells you what the position is. You’re expected to accept it - like an awakening to his truth. Anything beyond that is, for him, pointless argument.

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