A Protestant View of Development of Papal/Patriarchal System


Interesting explanation of the development of the two systems with dates.


Also, interesting layout (not Pro Catholic) of the RCC. Has numbers, structure and so on:


Rev North


LOL, not that site!:smiley: Here’s their symbol for Catholics and Orthodox:

Hey, the Pope wears white and the EP wears black :stuck_out_tongue:



Bible.ca is not a reliable site to be posting as an authoritative discourse on history.


Ha!, that’s putting it mildly. I just read some stuff on sola scriptura on that site. Those poor people are so confused. Their Bible was written from oral traditions passed down for decades before they were written.

Bible only, Bible only, yet they reject tradition and councils and any church that subscribes to those - the very things that gave birth to their cherished Bible.

To be consistent they should reject their own mother. :banghead:


This is nothing but speculation. I didn’t see one historical reference on the entire page (using dates and big words doesn’t make it historical)


What the heck?! That site says there are “between 30-410 Roman Catholic denominations and between 41-1302 Orthodox denominations?!” :eek:


I guess the author is another anti-Catholic who bashes his idea of the Catholic Church, instead of trying to learn what the Catholic Church really is.



Unfortunately that is a view of most protestants who don’t understand the structure of the RCC. I was talking to someone like this once and he classified the different orders of consecrated life “denominations” (eg, Jesuit, Franciscan, etc.).

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