A Question about Baptism

In what circumstances can a person be baptized again?

Some individuals I have spoken to (none are Catholic) claim that they get baptized again when they enter a new denomination. This is perplexing enough.

Here is my problem currently at hand:

I have one case in particular that cannot remember if they were baptized or not…. This person also, at convenient times, claim that they are, but cannot remember where!

What can one do in such a situation as this? Obviously, the person is either very confused, but they are not so mentally deficient to the point that they would not “remember” such an event. I would think that it would be like getting married, and not remembering to whom, where or when. Although, I know this sometimes can happen, as well.

Thanks for any guidance and help.

Absolutely none.

I’m not sure I’m totally understanding the premises of your question, but if the person were seeking Baptism from the Catholic Church but unsure if he had been previously Baptized, a conditional Baptism–which is not the same as a second Baptism–would be performed.

Interesting question. The Catholic Church recognizes a baptism when it is done in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Converts in the Church do not have to be re-baptized if they have received this form of valid baptism.

But if your friend cannot remember being baptized, and cannot produce any proof, I would think baptism would be in order. All Catholic Churches keep written records of baptism. I had to get my baptismal certificate and I was baptized in 1955, and they had it for me.


The priest can do a conditional baptism for the person to clear up the issue

A person can never be re-Baptized. If someone believes they have been but can’t remember where or how, or if there is serious concern about the validity of their Baptism. The person should be Conditionally Baptized privately, as soon as possible. Then they are treated as Candidates in the process to become Catholic.

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