A question about blasphemy against the holy spirit

My understanding is that refusal to repent or blasphemy against the holy spirit is the only sin that can not be forgiven, and it basically cuts you off from God. Wouldn’t this mean that, each time you commit any sin, mortal or venial, since you probably don’t repent for it, coincides with this sin? If so, do all sins incur this mortal sin as well? Sorry if this is a stupid question, but it is a bit confusing for me.

Does this post help?


Not quite. I know what blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is, my only question is whether it is always “triggered” so to speak, when somebody sins. It strikes me that, if that were true, all sins would coincide with mortal ones, meaning that all sins would be accompanied with being damned, which seems to contradict the principle of mortal vs venial sins.

Sins against the Holy Spirit are despair, envy at another’s spiritual good, final impenitence, impugning the known truth, obstinacy in sin, and presumption in God’s mercy.

The reason these are “unforgivable” is because the person committing the sin is unrepentant. The person is committing the sin with full knowledge that he is making a grave sin, and the nature of these sins is such that they are unforgivable until the person has a complete change of heart. This change of heart can only come from God.

Mortal and venial sins in general a horrible offense against God, but not the same sense as these sins. These sins are committed in deliberate obstinacy.

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