A question about cassocks and clerical tailors


I’m going to seminary in the fall, and eventually, I would like to purchase a cassock. Generally, cassocks are quite expensive- many can run for ~$500. Priests routinely recommend House of Hansen and Renzetti Magnarelli to me for quality cassocks, but this is probably an investment I would only make later on in the formation process.

However, I know that there are other cassock makers out there with varying degrees of quality. When reading another thread on vestments/clericals, a poster mentioned PSG Vestments. I had never heard of them before. They make a black cassock with full 33 buttons, lining, etc. for what seems like a really good deal. Here’s the link: https://www.psgvestments.com/cassocks-and-robes/black-roman-cassock-with-black-trims-and-shoulder-cape.html

I can’t find much information about PSG Vestments online or reviews about the quality of their products. I generally am skeptical and subscribe to “you get what you pay for,” but I also know that good deals exist. I know there are not a lot of priests on here, but does anyone know about them or their products? The priests who I’ve mentioned it to have never heard of them. A cassock is not something I am overly worried about at this point, but if this is a good deal and reasonably good quality for the price, it might be worth it to me, as I altar serve constantly. Even if I don’t get one right away, it would be something to consider for the future. @FrDavid96- would you happen to know anything about them? Thanks.


THANK YOU for answering God’s call by going to the Seminary. Thoughts and prayers going out for you now and throughout your studies. God Bless you and grant you every possible grace to do God’s will.


THANK YOU! I am very excited (and a little nervous!). Prayers are greatly appreciated.


Amazon has cassocks on sale for less than $100, that customers say they are satisfied with. What’s so great about a $500 cassock in comparison?


Many of these cassocks are simply altar server cassocks and are low quality. They may get the job done for an altar server, but they are not made for daily use by seminarians/priests. They will fall apart. A quality cassock is tailored to fit the wearer’s measurements, amongst other things.


Go with a good quality cassock as that one will last a lot longer than one that was poorly made and of not as good material. I don’t know how often a cassock is replaced but if you wear the same one for 10-15 years the cost is not that high spread out over several years. The problem is that all costs are at the beginning :persevere:

Looking after cassocks, vestments and other liturgical items is very important and decides how long an item could be used. I am 100% certain that priests and deacons don’t know how to use a hanger correctly!

Does your diocese have cassocks that priests have donated as the priests are not using them any more because of old age? Maybe you could start with one of those if there is one and it fits you. Does your parish sponsor a seminarian? Maybe some of those funds could go to buying a cassock? Birthday and Christmas presents is money towards a cassock and other items needed for seminary?


Surely your seminary would give you guidance on this - IF they even want you to have a cassock in your first year. I don’t believe all do.


I’ve heard good things about PSG- I am on a Clerical Dress forum on Facebook and have heard them spoken well of


Yes, that’s why I’m probably going to be waiting until I go. I know some dioceses even buy your cassock for you. But I’ll probably be buying a cassock at some point anyway, so I was just curious for future reference.


Okay cool! I’d love to get some more opinions on them from people who have bought from them. I’ve never heard of them and the price seems too good to be true.


I don’t know the answer to any of those questions, but I’m sure I’ll find out soon. That’s why I’m being patient and not making an impulse purchase.


Also do you wear them right off the bat in the Seminary? I see pictures of the men beginning to study in the Seminary and they are in dress clothes but not a suit & tie or clerical clothing yet.


I absolutely agree. Find out what the other seminarians wear and what the dress code expectations are.


I am excited and happy for you! Do you know a seamstress? Is there someone you know who sews? You could possibly choose your own material and have one sewn especially for you. Maybe even less cost than a store bought one. Peace.


In America, a nice, tailored cassock will be necessary for serving Mass and for formal functions for a seminarian who is not yet in Theology school.

As far as I know, it’s custom for the theologians of a school to then start wearing clerics (cassock or clerical shirt) as their daily dress for the last 4 years of seminary.

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