A question about confession


I have a question:
If i’ve seen porn,when i confess it do i have to say what kinds of porn(lesbians,etc) or i can just say “I’ve seen porn of many kinds” or “i’ve read and saw pornographic material”?
I really want to confess,cause it’s been many years since my last confession.
Please guys,help me with that.
Thank you and God bless you all.
P.S.:i Just remembered another question:
Is the desire to commit a mortal sin a mortal sin itself?
Example:I really wanted to do something very wrong,but knowing it is wrong i didn’t do it.
Was that still a sin?


I would say just confessing looking at porn and how many times you have looked at it. Round about. And abou wanting or thinking about doing a mortal sin in a fleeting thought isnt a mortal sin or we would all be committing them multiple times a day. The sin is in giving into fantasies about whatever it is. That then is mortal because you are committing the sin in your heart.


To do wrong stuff,(or even heresys) with no intention to offend God,are mortal sins?
To have a STRONG temptation to do something very wrong for a period of,say,2 days being tempted,but not doing it at all,is that still a sin(a mortal one)?
And about porn:So i dont have to specify what kind of porn(lesbians,etc)?
I just say that i saw porn?


If on is thinking about robbing a bank and he plans the robbery but when he is about to do it he thinks"it’s wrong,it’s sinful,i couldn’t do it and i won’t"and he doesn’t do it,is that still a mortal sin?
Or if one is thinking about hiring a prostitute and when he thinks about calling one he thinks “i would never do it,it’s wrong” is he still in mortal sin?
When one has the desire and plans to do it but gives up for knowing it is wrong is it venial or mortal?


Noone sins to offend god. Eg, if I steal, I do it for money, not to offend god.

Temptation is not a sin, even the strongest. Remember that our lord too was tempted after baptism.
You don’t have to specify unless it was another sin. Eg, homosexuality is wrong so you must confess that.


I would confess simply that I sought out and looked at porn. Does the type even matter? There are many kinds of porn, all bad, all disordered for the same reason. Your particular preferences are beside the point. The main point is that by viewing porn you are not thinking and acting with love. You are taking God’s gift of sex and using it in a self-centered way. You are also inflicting spiritual and psychological harm on yourself and threatening to harm your future relationships.

Confess soon. I am praying for you!


Thank you all for your answers,but i still don’t know if i have to say"i saw porn" or “i saw porn of this kind or that kind”.
About the temptation,i still don’t know if i have sinned or not
anyway,i will pray for you all


Anyone else have something to say about it?
I guess i’ll say “i have read and seen pornographic material of several kinds” since all kinds of pornography are sinful and degrading to the human being.Let’s pray that everyone that is addicted to porn will be able to quit that vice.(Because it is one of the most overlooked vices of the modern society,since so many people watch all kinds of porn all the time and it is considered normal,but it’s not normal,it’s a disease for the soul).I hope(and will pray for that!)that i will have the strength never to watch ANY kind of porn again nor commit masturbation(Which just like seeing porn is disgusting but still so hard to quit).
Thank you and God Bless you all.


“Temptation” is not sin. Resisting temptation is a virtue. We all are tempted by sinful things. If it were a sin to be tempted we’d never be able to leave the confessional! Giving in to temptation is the sin, and resisting temptation is a holy virtue.

With regards to the confession, it sounds like it’s been a while since your last one. So you cannot say how many times you viewed porn.

But you can say “It’s been years since my last confession, and I have sinned many times since then by looking at pornography (and whatever other sins you may have, such as impurity from the porn)”.

As to the type, porn is porn. It’s not necessary to be more specific. It’s all bad. Perhaps if you’re working with a regular confessor to try and overcome an addiction, it may be useful for him to know what tempts you so he can suggest strategies to cope with it, so I would let him take the lead in this. If it’s not a regular confessor, then again just take his lead, he may offer advice to try to help you, or he may just absolve you.


Good post. There are so many things that can arouse us sexually. Chemical reactions occur a million times a day. There is a more common expression to be heeded in such matters: Control of the eyes. One can probably extend that to the ears and mind as well. I was taught anything that is done to arouse us (or someone else) is grave matter. Some don’t even realize (by the amount of skin they show, etc.) that they are a source of temptation to others; in fact our society seems to encourage it. They may even be sitting in the pew in front of us. I would let the moral theologians debate as to what culpability lies in each and every one who gives into such temptations, but it’s probably best to confess them since they can hold us back spiritually. There are some cultures where even married couples won’t receive communion immediately after they have had sex. This is probably overdoing it but it does show chemistry and psychology very much in play in our spiritual lives.


Hi OraLabora and ProVobis.It’s great to receive your answers.
Indeed,i spent years away from the church and of course,i’ve had no confessions.
When i confess i don’t have to specify the circumstances?It would be much easier for me to just accuse the sins i committed and take that load off me and forget the horrible stuff i saw and did.Your words comfort me and i am finding myself again.
If anyone’s got anything else to say i’d appreciate it.
Thank you and God bless.
P.S.:I’ve got a big list of sins to accuse,but most of them are stuff i don’t do anymore(or at least try).But i need strentgh and courage to confess them.


That’s what confession is, taking responsibility for your actions. You’ll do okay and know you aren’t the only one who lives in a world of constant temptation and sin. The priest knows this.


Thanks ProVobis.
Yeah,i guess i’ll go like this
"i missed mass many times,i lied many times,i’ve seen porn of many kinds a lot of times which led me to impure acts…etc"is that right(should i go like that)?
I know i sound silly if i dont know even how to confess my sins,but hey,i’m trying so it’s already a big step right?you guys are helping me very much and giving me comfort and courage.God bless you guys forever.
(and again,i know it sounds silly but it makes a LOT(all the difference really) of difference for me)


Priest will probably want some number on them, maybe per day, per week, approximation okay, so he can advise accordingly.


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