A Question About Demons


I have a question about demons who bug/attack people.

According to Adam Blai, a lay demonologist who runs ReligiousDemonology.com, “There must be two factors in place before a demon attacks a person: an interest on the part of the demon to attack the person and some ‘rights’ to attack them recognized by God (so the demon has permission to attack them from God).”

Is this true Catholic teaching? In what circumstances would God allow a demon to attack someone? Anyone got some places I could look up?


I want to do a study of this subject someday, but your two better books from the Catholic side are by Gabriele Amorth:

An Exorcist Tells His Story
also An Exorcist: More Stories

Another classic one, probably a bit more sensationalist:

Hostage to the Devil by Malachi Martin

There is also the newer book on The Vatican’s Exorcists

I have these and others, but haven’t read them in depth yet. Also the case based on the movie “Exorcist” has been fairly debunked by a writer for “Strange Magazine” (2000)

“The Haunted Boy from Cottage City” (pdf all parts)

Other books I have says he was too critical in his analysis, but he was very thorough in his research and interviews.

Phil P


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